Chad: Fatimé Boukar kossey, the devoted to the cause of vulnerable layers


As part of National Women's Week of Chad (SENAFET), the editor of presents Fatimé Boukar Kossey, a young woman committed to the cause of vulnerable layers.

Accountant at the National Social Insurance Fund (CNPS) and president of the Association for solidarity and support for vulnerable groups (ASSOSCOV), Fatime Boukar Kossey has only thoughts for vulnerable people.

Born in 1988, Fatimé Boukar Kossey dreamed of becoming a doctor to take care of his fellows. "From an early age, my dream was the most focused on medicine because, in this period was burning in me, the desire to care for my fellow man. But in short, it is the desire of my adorable father who has taken over and destiny has made me an accountant as he has always wished, " says the young lady. And it is not accountable in any institution: the CNPS, the institution that deals with the contribution of employee shares in parastatals and public institutions. She won the job thanks to her Master's degree in accounting / finance obtained in Hec-Chad in 2012. She graduated from the Alifa Zezerty high school in Mao in 2007.

His fight for the cause of the vulnerable led him to found the Association for solidarity and support to vulnerable groups (ASSOSCOV) with some young people working for the same ideal. At the head of this charity, Fatimé assists vulnerable people every month. "To live is to solve problems and solve problems requires a spiritual dimension a little advanced. If I chose to integrate this social entity, it goes back to my belief of childhood ". And this ambition, she maintains it wholeheartedly. " I try most often to do what I can to help vulnerable people make ends meet. There are immensely rich people in this country, but they only think of their little people regardless of the stamina and suffering of other people just months away from them . "

Fatimé Boukar Kossey claims that she uses 50% of her salary to meet the expectations of the vulnerable layers, because for her "that lends to the poor lends directly to the Lord" . She does not think to stop there despite the difficult financial situation in the country. "I intend to put more effort into this struggle for the sole purpose of restoring hope to those who have lost the taste for life. I call on the NGOs, the Chadian state and all people of good faith to accompany us in this fight ". His wish is to see his association emerge abroad "one day this association will be visible internationally as UNFPA, UNICEF and consort. In this dream I firmly believe in it without any doubt.

Fatimé Boukar Kossey is very critical of the law on parity in the nominative and elective posts. I appreciate "the policies offer us a quota when in reality we are worth more than that. Why this word game parity and quota? Women, we do things responsibly to avoid complacency appointments in positions of responsibility. We all know that in this country the positions are combined in son of … and daughter of … and most often without competence " . Fatimé Boukar Kossey is a member of several youth associations. She is the Treasurer General of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF-Chad).


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