Survivor relives Mozambique drownings – Four friends’ bodies returning to HIS


“I was in the shallow part of the waters and the other five were further in because they knew how to swim. After some time we realised that Basetsana was alone and we couldn’t see the other four,” Mmotong said.

She said they were plunged into a state of panic when they realised that Basetsana was struggling in the water and was failing to swim back to the shore.

“We became scared when we could not see the others. We jumped out of the water and Vincent, one of the guys accompanying us, ran for help.

“He returned with help and they managed to get Basetsana out of the water and commenced with the search,” she said.

Mogafe”s body washed up on the coast of Mozambique on Saturday morning after the first body was recovered on Thursday, while two others were located on Friday.

Bongani Diako, Mogafe”s uncle who has also been appointed as a spokesperson for the grieving families, described the incident as a painful tragedy.


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