Strategic Partnership between Shell Lubricants Saudi Arabia and 
Al Jabr Trading Co. To supply “Shell Helix” motor oils


Shell Lubricants Saudi Arabia and Al Jabr Trading Co., dealer of Kia Motors in KSA, celebrated the signing of a long-term strategic partnership to supply “Shell Helix” lubricants for Kia Motors enhanced with the world’s latest developments in lubrication technology.

The strategic partnership between Shell Lubricants Saudi Arabia and Al Jabr Trading Company – dealer of KIA Motors in Saudi Arabia – was announced at the official ceremony held in Dubai in the presence of Mr. Human Resources & Administration GM of Aljomaih and Shell Lubricating Oil Company, and Mr. Salman Al Musallam, General Manager of Spare Parts at Al Jabr Trading Company, with the participation of senior executives of the two companies as well as a group of media representatives and influencers in the automotive sector.

The strategic partnership agreement was signed, followed by an overview of the new relationship and a visual presentation of Shell Helix lubricants in the Saudi market.

Mr. Salman Al Musallam, General Manager of Spare Parts at Al Jabr Trading Company praised this partnership expressing its importance for all parties with the aim to provide top quality services to customers and Kia owners in the Kingdom. “This partnership will contribute to the continuous efforts of Al Jabr Trading Company to maintain the highest standards of customer satisfaction for after-sale services. We will work together with our colleagues from Shell Lubricants Saudi Arabia on the development of maintenance and after-sale services to ensure the high-quality service provided at Al Jabr Trading Company,” he said.

Mr. Abdallah Al Ahmari stated in his speech that the company aims to produce superior lubricants through the development of innovative motor oilthat helps provide superiorcleansing and protectionforengines, in addition to working to strengthen the relationship between Shell Lubricants Saudi Arabia and “Kia” 
Al Jabr. “We are proud of this partnership with one of the most prominent and professional car dealers in the Kingdom and we will utilize our extensive experience to promote this partnership,” he added.

“Shell Lubricants is developing the latest engine oils designed to meet the daily requirements of state-of-the-art engines used by major automotive companies, including our new strategic partner Al Jabr Trading Company – dealer of Kia Motors in KSA. Shell Lubricants are capable of protectingthe engine and keepingit in optimum condition, and we take pride in providing it to our customers as well as Al Jabr Automotivecustomers and KIA owners; the “active cleaning” engine oil provides superior wear and corrosion protection, helps to extend engine life while reducing maintenance costs and fuel consumption,” he concluded.


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