Sonelgaz exports its expertise in Libya

Abdelmadjid Mohamed Hamza, CEO of GECOL: "We need Sonelgaz's expertise for maintenance in our sabotaged production units because of the security situation in the country." Photo: S.El Haddad.
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The Sonelgaz Group has signed today, March 5, 2019, with General Electricity Company of Lybia (GECOL) a memorandum of understanding for the establishment of a long-term commercial relationship in the field of electricity generation .

Thus, through its subsidiaries, the Sonelgaz group will be involved in the maintenance of destroyed energy production plants, assembly and commissioning of hundreds of electricity production, all types and formats, training in the field of start-up and maintenance of production plants and the launch of new projects and all other forms of mutual assistance in the field of electricity production.

For Mohamed Arkab, CEO of Sonalgaz, it is, through this signature " to set up a win-win partnership that will allow us to transfer our technology and establish itself in the Libyan market" .

And to explain in this regard that " this partnership will begin by making a diagnosis of Libyan power generation plants, training and maintenance" . Then, he added, " go in particular towards the realization of power plants, the electrical transmission network of THT and HT (very high voltage- High voltage) and finally the distribution of electrical energy . "

As for the cost of investing in this agreement, he said that " it is premature to talk about the amount of this memorandum of understanding. At this time, we have stopped this bilateral protocol, in the post is planned a meeting where will be concluded several agreements " .

Asked about the risk due to the security situation in Libya in recent years, the Sonelgaz CEO, will ensure that this situation " is well studied through coordination between the two countries, and we will work within the framework of this coordination "

For his part, Abdelmadjid Mohamed Hamza, CEO GECOL, who notes this is his first visit to Algeria, " this memorandum of understanding is the beginning of a cooperation on electricity between Libya and Algeria "

Also, he continued, " we want to benefit from the expertise that the Sonelgaz Group has achieved, particularly in terms of maintenance and manufacturing of spare parts for electrical equipment ".

Thus, underlining " the difficult conditions that his country is currently facing," he says that "we need to intensify maintenance actions in our sabotaged production units because of the security situation in the country. We have signed this agreement to benefit from the experience and expertise of Sonelgaz, in a framework of common interest for both parties who share a fraternal bond " .

Note that the Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Mohamed Arkab and Abdelmadjid Mohamed Hamza, CEO of Sonelgaz group, CEO of GECOl, in the presence of Mustapha Guitouni, Minister of Energy, and the Chargé d'Affaires of GECOl. Libyan Embassy in Algeria, at the Ben Aknoun Training Center (CBA) under Sonelgaz.

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