CIVIL SOCIETY-JUSTICE The Minister of State, Me Cheick Sako received in audience the General Administrator of Balai Citoyen in Guinea



The Minister of State, Me Cheick Sako received in audience the General Administrator of Balai Citoyen in Guinea


As part of the Reform of the Justice Sector, the fight against impunity and corruption, in accordance with the letter of mission of the Prime Minister, Head of Government, the Minister of State, Minister of Justice Keeper of the Seals, Cheick Sako received in audience Friday, February 1, 2019 at 12 noon the General Administrator of the Citizen Broom Cell at the Chancery.

At the beginning of the interview, the Administrator of the Citizen Broom Cell in these preliminary remarks first congratulated and thanked the Minister of Justice Cheick Sako for his leadership, his rigor, and especially his determination in favor of justice sector reform, which today knows through its courts a functioning and a diligence without flaws.

Continuing these remarks, the General Manager of the Citizen Balai Cell explained the merits of their efforts to create a climate of peace, serenity and social tranquility through the actions they take to dissuade and raise awareness about behavior. citizen.

For example, the various convocations against certain officials and executives of various persuasions (political leaders, communicators of political parties, regional co-ordination, etc …) sufficiently prove the interest and the fight that he continues to lead for the defense of the interests of the people and all this for one principle respect for the laws of the Republic .

At the end of his remarks, the General Administrator of the Citizen Balai Cell raised some concerns to the Minister of State of Justice on the judicial files pending before the Courts of Conakry as well as the behavior of certain magistrates in these files.

He did not fail to serve the Keeper of the Seals on the basis of Article 36 of the Guinean Constitution of May 2010 the delay in the declaration of property of certain members of the Government, constitutional institutions, financial authorities, the governor central bank whose citizen audit report will be sent to him at the beginning of the week.

In response to all these comments the Minister first congratulated, thanked and especially encouraged the actions that led the structure, while recommending them to work on a legal basis and impartially, generally and especially with the evidence in support of facilitating the judicial machinery to be responsive to the well-being of the people of Guinea.

He has, however, magnified his unwavering support and his constant support in the democratic struggle for a prosperous and united Guinea.

Sékou Keita

Adviser in charge of Communication


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