Sierra Leone News: EU Strengthens Parliamentary oversight role on NaCSA / NGOs


Sierra Leone News: EU Strengthens Parliamentary oversight role on NaCSA / NGOs

Members of the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on NaCSA / NGOs on Monday, March 4, 2019 The Brookfields Hotel. Committee Chairman Foday Roland Kargbo said that they monitor the works of the NGOS in the country as it deals with the management of funds provided by various partners in the country. "These monies come in the name of the people of this country, so it is our responsibility to keep an eye on how it is spent. The purpose for which it is given is achieved "he said. He went on to say that their oversight committees are empowered by the Anti-Corruption Commission "may not be able to do so. In addition, it is said that they have the task of providing support to the European Union, and that they will be able to do so in a more efficient way than others. "By giving us these skills and we are grateful to them, they have been instrumental in that respect. We hope for a better understanding of the project. EU Ambassador Tom Vens in his statement at the opening of the debate on the role of national and local authorities in the process of national and international democratization process. The Committee on NaCSA / NGOs is one of the newest Sessional Parliamentary Oversight Committees to oversee the work of NaCSA and NGOs. These organizations have received significant contributions from the Sierra Leoneans and their actions have an important impact on people's lives. "As a result, there have been continued calls from Donor Partners, citizens and authorities for accountability." The Ambassador disclosed that a new EU "Roads-map for engagement with civil society" has been finalized in 2018, following consultations with the civil society The Delegation of Sierra Leone and the Channels of Support for the 2018-2020 Period. The roadmap he said identified three strategic priorities: 1 The EU contributes to an enabling environment for CS actors in Sierra Leone, with a particular emphasis on the legal framework, dialogue and coordination. 2. The EU encourages an enhanced capacity of Sierra Leonean CSOs in order to become actors of development. Ambrose James, Deputy Director at the National Authorization Office (NAO) said that while Members of Parliament make laws for the nation, ensure representation and provide oversight to the executive on resources for the public, NGOs are also closely linked to the people they are closer to their daily lives and have a chance to observe things happening on the ground faster. "In this duty of representation, MPs and NGOs are two parts of the same coin and their relationship should be one of mutual collaboration and co-existence. Hence, I am pleased to note the various topics to be covered by this workshop "The expected synergies of the work of MPs and NGOs for the good of the national development agenda." He said. The government has always recognized the important role played by NGOs in the national development agenda. In most cases, NGOs have been the fastest to respond to emerging crisis situations, and have been dutifully supported by government in performing their fiduciary duties to the nation. "National Development Plan, this role is aptly recognized and entrenched as a pillar for human development and growth. Equally, the government has confirmed the role of NGOs in its bilateral agreements with the European Union which are supporting this initiative "he added. Furthermore, he said that it should be recognized that NGOs have been entrusted with this task. In the pursuit of transparency and accountability for public resources, they are always required to ensure that they are supported by these resources.

By Zainab Iyamide Joaque

Tuesday March 05, 2019.


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