Seychelles: global warming in the school curriculum

The Seychelles archipelago has 115 islands, many of which are threatened with extinction as the waters rise due to global warming. In order to make Seychellois children aware of this risk, primary and secondary school teachers will be provided with a guide to adapt their behavior to future situations.
Rising waters, floods, landslides, coral bleaching, salt water intrusion into groundwater are the hazards described in this booklet.

Games and investigations

Teachers and teachers were invited, in preview, to discover this new tool to give their opinion. They will be able to rely on interactive cards, but also games to animate their courses. Students will investigate climate change. According to the designers of the book who have confided to the site : "The images will be more interactive and during class, students will be more aware of vulnerable sites and can make a difference in their community to help reduce interference human. "


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