Senegal: lower prices of industrial production (APA)


In January 2019, prices of industrial production in Senegal fell by 1.8%, compared to the previous month, APA told the National Agency for Statistics and Demography (ANSD) on Thursday.

According to the ANSD, this variation is attributable to the reduction in production prices in the chemical (less 5.5%), energy production (less 2.7%) and food (less 1.0%) industries. building materials (minus 0.5%).

However, this structure noted a 2.9% increase in production prices in the metal trades.

As for production prices in the extractive industries, textiles and leather, paper and paperboard, as well as those of other manufacturing industries, they did not change significantly over the period.

Relative to the corresponding month of 2018, industrial production prices rose by 1.4%.

MS / cat / APA


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