See what clueless MILICENT OMANGA has done with her Sh1.1 million? Si ata angepea chokora wa Nairobi instead of this foolish gesture

Thursday November 21, 2019 – Jubilee’s Nominated
Senator, Millicent Omanga, popularly known as Mama Miradi, awarded
the first bunch of 10 of her lucky supporters a holiday trip to Dubai.
Omanga announced on Wednesday that the 10 were part of 20
people she intended to sponsor for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
The Senator issued them with Visas, tickets and travel
insurance plus some shopping money while in Dubai.
“Issued visas, tickets and travel insurance to the
first bunch of the lucky 10 who will be travelling to Dubai tomorrow courtesy
of Omanga Care as a way of appreciating my supporters,” Omanga announced.
Among those who were lucky were Esther Mwaria, a social
worker from Mountain View Estate, Beth Mukami, a community volunteer from
Dandora and Barnabas Muchogu from Kawagware who are both second-hand clothes

Others were Esther Wazarina, a community volunteer from
Mukuru kwa Njenga, Monica Anampiu a second-hand clothes seller from
Riruta, Joyce Kimani a shop attendant from Uthiru, Danvas Maranga a student
from Embakasi and Joa Beatrice, a casual worker from Umoja 2.
The remaining two requested to have their identities
Her gesture cost her about Ksh1.1 million for the
all-expenses-paid five-day trip including handing each of the 10 Ksh 30,000
shopping money.
The lucky Nairobians will be in Dubai from November 21
to November 25.
However, some Kenyans have criticized her gesture, terming
it the most stupid thing any leader can ever do.
According to them, she should have used the money to empower
the winners economically rather than sponsor such a useless trip abroad.