Sankeerna School of Dance’s 8 Anniversary Celebration in Dubai on 14 December

Sankeerna School of Dance’s 8 Anniversary Celebration in Dubai on 14 December

Dubai: Sankeerna School of Dance Dubai have geared up to celebrate their 8th anniversary on Saturday, the 14th December 2019 at 5 pm in Creek Park Children’s city Auditorium. Owned by the renowned Bharatanatyam exponent Guru Vidhushi Sapna Kiran this institute is well-known to have trained very many Kannadigas in pure Bharatanatyam style of dance form for over so many years.

The Sankeerna School of Dance was set up 8 years ago by Guru Vidushi Sapna Kiran to promote this beautiful art form on foreign shores. With the beautifully diverse and open atmosphere provided by the leadership of the UAE, the school has since then attracted students of all ages from all over India.

Distinguished Guest Guru Vidhushi Suma Laxminarayan a Senior Carnatic Vocalist Teacher who has trained several students for over 3 decades in Dubai will be gracing the programme along with Guests Poet & Theater Director Prakash Rao Payyar & Film Producer & Social Activist Shodhan Prasad

Every year Sankeerna celebrates their annual programmes with dance performances by their trained students. This year Sankeerna will be showcasing on the theme of “Aham Brahmasmi”. This theme explores the concept of oneness with the universe. Taking a unique approach to depicting the theme, the team will be putting forward the quintessential version of the Supreme to depict this concept; the holy trinity of Hindu mythology Lords Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. The 2-hour long event will bring to the stage dancers of all ages depicting various interpretations of the three supreme commanders, the Creator, the Preserver and the Destroyer. As oneness with the Universe necessitates a unique understanding of self and God, Team Sankeerna hopes to bring to stage the unique connection man has with the Supreme power through dances praising the various facets of these 3 deities.

Ranging from traditional margam items such as Alarrippu, Shabdam and Keerthanam to more contemporary dances, folk items and dance drama the evening will have something for everyone. Students from newcomers and seniors have each had items choreographed to bring their learning and skill on stage.

Teacher, Students and Parents of Sankeerna Dance School hereby cordially invites all dance lovers for the great evening.

Report: Arathi Adiga