Rwanda : The country has registered record investments in 2018


Infomediaire Morocco – The direct investment is registered in Rwanda have reached record levels in 2018, exceeding for the first time the bar of 2 billion dollars, announced on Tuesday that the Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

A total of 173 investment projects of a value of 2,006 billion dollars have been registered in Rwanda by 2018, an increase of 20% compared to 2017 (1,675 billion), indicates the RDB in a press release.

On all investments made during the past year, approximately 26% are projects oriented towards export, specifies the same source noted that the industry, mining, agriculture and the food industry amounted to 57% of the investments.

In terms of origin of investment, the RDB notes that local investments dominate with a share of 49% of registered investments, followed by foreign direct investment (47%) and joint ventures involving local and foreign investors (4%).

Commenting on the investment recorded in 2018, the chief investment officer of RDB, Guy Baron, said that these record figures demonstrate that ” Rwanda is increasingly seen as an ideal country for business.”

For the facilitations offered to investors, the RDB operates a one-Stop shop that provides information and services to guide investors during the key stages of starting a business : registration, licenses, immigration, land, public services, environmental approvals and registration services, tax and mortgage.

The RDB also offers “monitoring services” through a technical and administrative assistance aimed to ” ensure that commercial projects are implemented without any hindrances “.

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