Results Emission of treasury Bills of Mali : 20 billion CFA francs in the coffers of the treasury


Résultats Emission Bons du trésor du Mali : 20 milliards de FCFA dans les coffres du trésor
The total amount of bids amounted 28134 million CFA francs, of which 800 in ONC, a rate of coverage of the amount put in the auction by the bids of 140,67 %. Ultimately, the government of Mali has retained the sum of 20000 millions of FCFA 800 million in ONC.

The marginal interest rate and the weighted average rate amounted respectively to 6,0000% and 5,8545 %.
The rate of absorption is 71,09% and the weighted average yield is of 6.03%.

The operation fits within the framework of the implementation of the programme of emission of government securities in Mali in accordance with the strategy’s medium and long-term debt management
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