RISLNET reflection in Libreville to improve health in Central Africa


RISLNET reflexion in Libreville to improve health in Central Africa

Participating technicians conclave RISLNET © Gabonactu.com

Libreville, Feb. 4 (Gabonactu.com) – The Regional Integrated Monitoring and Laboratory Network for Central Africa (RISLNET), an African Union Commission, opened a three-day conclave in Libreville on Monday to discuss issues relating to the improvement of the health of the populations of the Central African region.

"You know, the African Center for Disease Control and Prevention aims to safeguard the health of Africans, so it is in the effort to improve the health of Africans that we are here and we do this work. specifically for Central Africa, " said AU Political and Diplomatic Health Division Chief Dr Benjamin Djoudalbaye.

During these working sessions, it will be precisely a question of reviewing the progress and challenges of implementing RISLNET, reviewing the Network Office's action plan, examining the roles and responsibilities of office and ensure the synchronization of RISLNET's activities with those of the Regional Collaborating Center for Central Africa located in Libreville.

The representatives of the countries taking part in this meeting are those of the Republic of Congo, Republic of Burundi, Republic of Chad Republic of Gabon and Republic of Cameroon.

Eudes Rinaldy

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