REDD + and CAFI in Gabon: PACJA and ROSCVAC CSOs take stock of the challenges


Libreville, February 17, 2019 (GabonInitiatives) – Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) Platform members of the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA – Gabon section) and the Network of Civil Society Organizations for the Green Economy in Central Africa (ROSCEVAC), met yesterday (Saturday) at the headquarters of the ODDIG located in the commune of Akanda as a prelude to the organizations of several activities in the short, medium and long term including the national forum of information on the state of play and the process of implementation of REDD + in Gabon planned for March 20 in the capital of Gabon.

The meeting chaired by the national coordinator of PACJA – Gabon and ROSCEVAC, Fabrice Ntchango was mainly focused on the exchange of information, the terms of reference, the context, the justification and the pre-composition of the steering committee of the national forum information and capacity building of the FCPF (Forest Carbon Partnership Fund) of civil society actors on the state of play and the implementation process of REDD + in Gabon, in particular. In other words, it called for the mobilization of CSOs and the redistribution of roles with a view to the success of this event, which involves its appropriation.

This forum organized by ROSCEVAC and the PACJA – Gabon platform and financed by the World Bank (WB) with the support of the Panafrican Alliance for Climate Justice will be held on March 20 in Libreville.

The second point was about the presentation of the Central African Forest Initiatives (CAFI) The launch of this project financed by the World Bank (WB) is set in April.

Beyond these two imminent projects, Mr. Ntchango also presented other equally important programs such as the one entitled "African Civil Society Engagement in the framework of the Dialogue Project and Strategies for Responses to Change". post – Paris climate ". It should be noted that this project supported by the Swedish Agency for International Development Cooperation (SIDA) is being implemented in Gabon by ROSCEVAC and the PACJA – Gabon national platform.

"The associative movement is a priesthood. We do not come to the associative movement to earn money but to acquire expertise that will open you to the world ", advised Nicaise Moulombi in his double quality of chairman of the supervisory board of PACJA – Gabon and executive chairman of ROSCEVAC .

National campaigns in three provinces (Estuaire, Woleu – Ntem and Moyen – Ogooué) on capacity – building of local communities and another aimed at raising awareness of students about climate change in the interior of the country were also included in the program. agenda of PACJA-Gabon and ROSCEVAC.

In the various, the national coordinator of PACJA – Gabon and ROSCEVAC who recalled the missions of these two platforms set out to present opportunities to be seized, not to make the restitution of several events in which he participated.

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