Rabat: The Agdal-Ryad district is becoming a smart and sustainable city


Rabat: L'arrondissement Agdal-Ryad tend à devenir ville intelligente et durable

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In this context, the municipality of Rabat signed Friday, two partnership agreements, one with the University Mohammed V and a set of institutions of higher education and scientific research, and the other with the National Center for scientific and technical research (CNRST), with the aim of transforming Madinat Al Irfan into a "Smart Campus".

The signing ceremony of these two conventions was also marked by the official launch of the first HACKATHON, organized by the Council of Agdal-Ryad district, in partnership with Mohammed V University and a consortium of educational institutions. higher education and scientific research located in the territorial jurisdiction of the borough under the theme "The student at the center of the campus of tomorrow".

These two conventions aim to strengthen the partnership between the Council of the Agdal-Ryad district, Mohammed V University, the CNRST and the consortium of higher education institutions and scientific research to propose innovative solutions to rehabilitate the urban territory of the Agdal-Ryad district and transform it into a smart and sustainable city based on the use of information and communication technologies, with a view to a better quality of life and the promotion of local development.

In this context, a competition of interdisciplinary projects-HACKATHON was launched under the theme, "the student at the center of the campus of tomorrow" with the aim of offering the possibility to students from partner institutions with the support of teacher-researchers , to present innovative projects for the transformation of Madinat Al Irfane into an intelligent university campus in full harmony with its territory and integrating the human, environmental and technological dimensions.

On this occasion, the Minister of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research, Saaid Amzazi said, in an address read on his behalf, that the two conventions signed, in addition to the the official launch of the first HACKATHON, represent an important initiative as part of an ambitious project to turn the Agdal-Ryad district into a smart district.

Mr. Amzazi also commended the efforts of the Mohammed V University of Rabat and the higher education and scientific research institutions, partners in this project, to enhance openness and interaction with their environment and adopt effective approaches to accompany its changes.

He also indicated that as part of the 2015-2030 strategic vision, the Ministry is working to strengthen training in the field of information and communication technologies, to promote e-learning, as a fundamental component of the smart city and to develop applications and e-services for the benefit of students.

The ministry is also working on the forthcoming launch of tenders in the field of artificial intelligence for an envelope of about 50 million dirhams, he said.

For his part, the Secretary of State for Higher Education and Scientific Research, Khalid Samadi, in a statement to the press, stressed that this initiative is very important in the University's relationship with its economic environment. social and cultural, as well as for its openness to its territorial environment, particularly at the level of Agdal-Ryad.

"Madinat Al Irfan includes a consortium of academic institutions, scientific laboratories and a very large number of skills," he said, adding that "it is for this reason that the district Agdal-Ryad decided to collaborate with the University Mohammed V and share its interests and perspectives for a smart city, allowing the student-researchers to gain experience and expertise and will also allow the round to benefit from the expertise of the university to achieve its goals, including the creation of a smart city. "

"The agreement between the Mohammed V University of Rabat, the CNRST and the municipality of Agdal-Ryad provides an official framework for all the preparatory, innovative and inventive work that our students realize to see the light of day. a more appropriate and evolving framework that ensures the continuity and sustainability of all actions, "said Mohammed Vhair University President Mohammed V, in a statement to the press. In a similar statement, Agdal-Ryad District Council Chairperson Badia Bennani said the goal of the partnership is to develop a geographic space for students to flourish, as well as providing them with an opportunity to open up to a reality that is territorial management in all its magnitude.

"We have chosen in the framework of good governance to open to them to listen to their needs and to mobilize everyone, including the ministerial departments and all those who have decision-making power to transform Madinat Al Irfan into a sustainable and smart territorial entity, "she said.

Rabat municipal council chairman Mohamed Sadiki said that the signing of the two partnership agreements between Mohammed V University of Rabat and Rabat-Arrondissement Agdal-Ryad is the result of a a year and a half to make the district Agdal-Ryad a pilot municipality and a smart city, so that the services provided to citizens are up to par.

This project is part of the implementation of the orientations of the strategic vision of the 2015-2030 reform relating to the strengthening of the partnership between higher education and scientific research institutions and local authorities for the promotion of the system and its support in the context of the potential offered by advanced regionalization.


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