Flap stop : Ismaila Madior Fall invites itself to the debate


Rabat d’arrêt : Ismaïla Madior Fall s’invite au débat

If the lawyers of Khalifa Sall, and a number of law experts argue that the flap stop is suspensive, the minister of Justice and keeper of the Seals, Ismaila Madior Fall, is not of this opinion.

“I hear some say that it is a suspensory, I say that they are courageous and are free to give their points of view. For others, it is not. They also do that to give their points of view. There is not in the act a provision that states, clearly, that the flap is suspensive. If there is, let me be the clock”, he says in The Observer.

And to add : “there is a referral system that everyone interprets in its own way. But, once again, in a State of law, lawyers, teachers, politicians, and journalists do not tell the right. In a State of law held, the one who is entitled to tell the right, in the name of the people, it is the judge. (…) When he will say his word, say to the right, this right applies to everyone”.


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