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END Of the YEAR 2018: the Dakar is not celebrating

Unlike previous years, the Dakar is not in the feast, this feast of the year 2018. Except for a few major thoroughfares which will be illuminated and decorated, some are already, or almost nothing does not return to the end of the year holidays in the capital City of Senegal. Due to the reform initiated by the State of Senegal and in which the removal of the patent, where the bulk of the revenue of the Cities, for the benefit of the economic Contribution to the local (CEL). This is confirmed by Cheikh Guèye, deputy mayor of Dakar, also mayor of the commune of Dieuppeul-Derklé. Interviewed yesterday, Wednesday, by Sud Fm Sen Radio, Mr. Guèye explained that the change introduced by the government in the functioning of the local authorities for the pooling of resources is the origin of the cash problems of the City. “First of all, there is a problem of budget constraint. There is a problem also that the partners who accompany us during this time have the same difficulties as us and may not exercise what they had to do in the past. There is a very difficult situation, a lot of hang-ups that the City has known, with the détensions of the mayor.” Cheikh Guèye adding that “the situation as it is posed, is very difficult. We are experiencing a financial situation very tense, we know of the difficulties with respect to obtaining materials, decoration and display of the City. Even the City today, which usually was dressed and decorated, is not because the material at our disposal does not allow to put it anywhere (in the City), through the large arteries.”

However, he noted, the municipality is doing with the means at its disposal to allow the Dakar to spend a good holiday, despite all the difficulties associated with this reform. “But with the arrival of the mayor, Soham El Wardini, which is in this posture of making Dakar to Dakar, so that the Dakar feel the commitments and programs of the City of Dakar, the mayor has tried as much as possible want to make it so that the Dakar will see their City decorated on the occasion of the feast of the end of the year. The mayor gave very clear instructions to technical services so that the city, even if it is not dressed, decorated, as was the beautiful weather, but we feel when even efforts. It is that fact that it has privileged some of the major thrusts of Dakar, to show the efforts that the City is in the process of consent, similar to the major Cities of Africa and the world.” Moreover, these problems of decoration are only the tree that hides the forest of the challenges facing the City of Dakar.

Challenged on the occasion of Christmas eve 2018 by Zik Fm, madam mayor, Soham El Wardini, justified this fact by budgetary constraints arising from the abolition of the patente. “It is just that. What are the budget constraints. The patent has been removed and until now there is no liquidity. What can be done at the level of perception, it is just the salary. The collector can not do anything else. We used the rest of our decorations that were in the store,” revealed the mayor of Dakar. In regard to the independence Square, she said that it is a “private” who is in charge of decorating this year. “We have done what there is to mark the Centenary, and the rest in the city,” said Soham El Wardini.

REFORM on the ABOLITION OF THE PATENT to THE BENEFIT OF THE CEL – AMS welcomes a measure that allows to share the recipes, even sî

Outside of Dakar, the difficulties of cash related to the removal of the patent, for the benefit of the economic Contribution to the local (CEL), related to the 5 main Towns in Senegal are Dakar, Guédiawaye, Pikine, Rufisque and Thies, who no longer have enough tax revenue to proceed typically the different activities. In the meantime, legislation for the redistribution of resources (pooling) in accordance with this reform, the Association of mayors of Senegal (AMS) indicates that the Directorate of public Accounting and Treasury, facilities have been made to enable local authorities, but especially to these big Cities to take charge of the compulsory expenditure. “This is a very important reform, which required studies. And these studies have taken virtually the entire duration of the exercise. What that legislative texts have not been voted; even if the technicians were validated; this has impacted particularly the functioning of certain communities, of which a good part of the revenue was composed of the patent. But, it is still the case that the AMS is seized of the matter, has approached the services of the Directorate of public Accounting and Treasury. And, of course, the director-general, Mr. Cheikh Diop, understood our concerns, and facilities have been made to enable local communities, but especially in these big Cities, to take charge of the mandatory spending,” says Mbaye Dione, Secretary-general of the AMS, the micro Sud Fm Sen Radio, saying that the AMS is following very closely this issue

Mr. Dionne, who welcomes the measure acknowledges that”in addition to the 5 major Cities of Dakar, Pikine, Guédiawaye, Rufisque and Thies, a good part of the local authorities, municipalities in particular, profited from the patent, have had some difficulties over the recovery, for the simple reason that the State of Senegal, in agreement with the elected representatives, have made a reform that does away with the patent for the benefit of the economic Contribution to local value added, and on the rental value. And that, it is a system that allows you to share the recipes and those who were entitled to the patent have continued to benefit from it, but a component of this license will be paid to some municipalities that had not who had not at all of local taxation. This is a measure beneficial to the government because it allows you still to level up and people are not losing out. On the contrary, those who received the patent in the clearing system will receive at least the amount of what they had in the last year”, he concluded with the Secretary-general of the AMS

AMADOU SENE NIANG, CONSULTANT, TRAINER IN LOCAL GOVERNANCE: “If this continues, we will simply the death of local communities”

Reacting in relation to budgetary constraints experienced by the Cities of Senegal, including Dakar, in this festive season of the end of the year, through an interview with Sud Fm Sen Radio, Amadou Sene Niang advises the head of State, Macky Sall to work in favour of local communities are strong, rich and that can really have recipes, if he truly wants that Senegal is emerging. For the consultant, a trainer in local governance, we may not understand that the State is able to make decisions without anticipating the consequences on the local communities. And, if this continues, we will simply the death of local communities.


“The city of Dakar is experiencing financial difficulties quite huge for the sole and simple reason that the Cities which are in Senegal, of which there are 5 : Rufisque, Dakar, Guédiawaye, Pikine and Thies, have only two recipe tax mainly. He is the former patent (contributions of the patent) and the land built. All the rest is paltry, that is to say, it is the product of the state-civil (between $ 50 million), transfers-state actors that are not 200 million, a bit of a product of the cooperation, which very often do not make $ 100 million to all the major Cities. And now here, what we found is that the resources that I mentioned earlier are 90% or even 95% of the revenue of the Cities. It happens that this year, the State wanted to reform the patent by removing it altogether and replacing it by what was called the economic Contribution to the local (CEL), with two components: CEL/VA that is to say, economic Contribution to local added Value and the CEL/VL for the Contribution to local economic/rental Value. This last CEL (CEL/VL), remains in the City where the company resides. Now, for the CEL/VA, it will be collected in a large basket to redistribute by way of legislation to other local authorities in Senegal. It is this law of distribution of the CEL/WILL that fact that today this amount is not yet distributed it to the various local authorities. However, it is the most important part of the revenues of the Cities. This is why, since this law was passed, no City works in Senegal. The City of Rufisque, the City of Dakar, like the other Cities, Guédiawaye, Pikine and Thies, does not have any tax revenue that would allow them to work.


No expenditure may be made, especially investment expenditure. You’ve heard the Rufisquois say, when they passed their budget last year that the year 2018 was going to be a year of investment; no investment has been made. Go to Dakar, this will certainly be the same thing, none of the investment could not be made precisely because there is no tax revenue that should enable these local authorities there to be able to have the means to meet the concerns of the people. But, if this continues, we will simply the death of the local authorities because a local authority has a legal personality, financial autonomy. And, precisely, it is managed by an assembly elected by universal suffrage. You can’t understand that the State can afford to make decisions without anticipating the consequences that may fall on the local governments there. And, my faith, this is what happened this year and this is why all the big Cities, in the legal sense of the term, have been able to do anything.


I believe that the president of the Republic will hear you, he is arrested. If he truly wants that Senegal is emerging, it passes through local communities are strong, rich and that would truly have revenue. This also poses another problem: it is a bit of the power to tax of local authorities. We realize that the local authorities have no power to tax or in the determination of the plate, nor in recovery, nor in the determination and identification of taxpayers. Everything is handled by a chain of tax-enough oiled by the State, through its decentralized services, through the Directorate of Taxes and Domains, through the Treasury. At these levels there really, there’s a lot of work to be done to allow these local communities to be able to play their role, as this is done elsewhere, in Africa. I can cite the Cameroon, where there is the FEICOM (the special Fund for equipment and mutual assistance, editor’s note) which, in a management rather harmonized, balanced, manage the chain of tax and to make a redistribution for the benefit and of the State and the local communities. Will in this sense to allow the local communities of Senegal to be able to move forward.”



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