Protests Continue in Algeria against Bouteflika’s Candidacy


08 de marzo de 2019, 11:59Algiers, Mar 8 (Prensa Latina) Protests against a fifth term of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika continue on Friday when hundreds of people gathered in different parts of Algiers and other important cities in the country.

Protesters, around 11:30 local time, gathered in the Audin Square surrounded by a strong security device to prevent their arrival at the Mouradia Palace, local press reported.

Then, and as three consecutive Fridays, they took the streets at the end of the traditional prayer.

The authorities suspended public transport facing the demonstrations staged since February 22 by students, lawyers, journalists and this time by Algerians, who joined in the context of International Women’s Day.

All of them demand the withdrawal of Bouteflika’s candidacy to the April 18 presidential elections, despite the authorities’ call that the elections are the only way to reach power.

The Head of State, 82, took office in 1999 and he suffered a stroke in 2013, for which he reduced his appearances in public.

Bouteflika, who is in a hospital in Switzerland for routine medical examinations, asked on Thursday to maintain vigilance to face an ‘possible infiltration of this peaceful expression by some insidious, internal or external part.’

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