Next coach of Senegal : El Hadji Diouf vote for Patrick Viera


El Hadji Diouf never misses an opportunity to criticize the current coach of the lions of the Teranga, Aliou Cissé. Invited to meet the users on the ” You’re a Dakar If “, the former international senegalese revealed that he would like to see Patrick Viera at the head of the national team of Senegal.

For El Hadji Diouf, the Senegal needs a new coach to expect to win the Africa cup of nations. The double golden ball african vote for the former French international original senegalese and current coach of Nice, Patrick Viera ” he is a Senegalese. When he asked for the French nationality to see in the France Team, this was not obvious. He loves Senegal and spends very often his vacation here. To be forgiven by the Senegalese for having chosen France, Patrick can come back and I’ll be ready to welcome him with open arms “, has suggested the former number 11 of the lions of the Teranga.

On the selection, a senegalese, El Hadji Diouf is in the affirmative, there is no player like him, ” I am unique. To tell the truth, no player looks like me in the national team. Perhaps in the future, we will be able to find a player that is going to be closer to my talent, but for the moment, there is none that comes to my ankle “.


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