President of Madagascar: duel of predictions between Rajoelina and Ravalomanana


The last count published in the afternoon by the electoral Commission (Ceni) after the counting of more than 3.5 million ballots, for a turnout estimated at a little less de5millions of voters, credited Andry Rajoelina of 55.7%. Marc Ravalomanana gathered, him, 44.2% of the vote, according to these figures for nearly three-quarters of polling stations. The provisional results in full, prior to any appeal before the High constitutional court, should be made public by the Ceni around Christmas.

Disagree on the reality of the results

“We are still waiting the full results of the Ceni, but I believe that the current results are irreversible”, was delighted with the AFP to be a close to Andry Rajoelina, the former minister Hajo Andrianainarivelo. “The victory is with us!” he continued. A thesis totally swept away by the camp of Ravalomanana, who has categorically rejected the partial results. “According to the minutes that have reached us, it was Marc Ravalomanana, who is in the lead,” argued AFP Fanirisoa Erinaivo, a candidate defeated in the first round who has joined the fold. “The Ceni does not spell that the minutes where Rajoelina is the head”, she added, “we are concerned about potential manipulation.” According to his entourage, Marc Ravalomanana, is expected to speak Sunday night on the situation.

For weeks, the duel election between the two former heads of State, feeds tensions in the country, accustomed to the political crises since its independence from France in 1960. From the evening of the second round Wednesday, both candidates had declared their victory in front of their supporters and accuse one from another of fraud. After the publication of the first trends Thursday, Marc Ravalomanana had himself……


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