First export by road : 400 tonnes of algerian products to Nouakchott

A dynamic export is achieved through the “combined efforts.
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This operation, according to Said Djellab, was followed by another in 15 days to Nouakchott and Dakar.

Said Djellab, minister of Trade, was made today in Algiers, the kick-off of the first export operation by land of 400 tonnes of algerian products to Nouakchott, Mauritania.

The convoy of 24 trucks which is expected to arrive in Nouakchott
in 10 days, carries 400 tons of algerian products, including 220 tons of
agricultural products, 40 tons of
household electrical products, 120 tons of food and 20 tons of
health-care products.

This operation, according to Said Djellab, was followed by another in 15 days to Nouakchott and Dakar, Senegal, as well as a third ” major ” that will take place before the end of 2018. For more details, the minister will say that this last operation will be made through an export of construction materials, transported by 120 trucks, to Niger from the wilaya of Tamanrasset. It is here, highlight there, a dynamic of export in Algeria is “a fact” is achieved through “the joint efforts and the administrative coordination between the departments concerned“.

In addition, the minister will, before that, in 2018 the
product algerian had been welcomed by the countries that have seen
the organization of the salons of algerian products, adding that his department
ministerial had conducted a study on the national strategies for the diversification of exports 2019-2023 which is
currently in its final phase. Recalling as well the organization of the
National meeting with the economic operators, which has resulted in
of the recommendations, the minister noted that this work will be crowned
with a roadmap in 2019 which will include several activities, including
the training for economic operators, in particular those that export,
the encouragement of exporting companies with networks
distribution abroad, in addition to the launch of an invitation to address the
major distributors from Africa and other countries at the Fair of the production
algerian, which will be held in October 2019, to know the product

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