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The current 2019, more than 300 points “EM-Position” will be opened across the country, announced the CEO of the Post, Ibrahima Haïdara

A view of the officials at the launch ceremony

The multiplication of the opportunities for financial inclusion through the digital economy remains one of the priorities of our authorities. It is in this dynamic that the minister of the digital Economy and the Communication, Arouna Modibo Touré, proceeded, on Monday last, the launch of the platform one-Stop Post “EM-Position”.
The event was held at the Chamber of commerce and industry of Mali (CCIM). It was in the presence of the chairman and director general of the Post of Mali, Ibrahima Haïdara, the representative of the president of the COUNCIL, Abdul Aziz Mariko and several actors of the sector. The platform “EM-Position” is the result of the strong commitment of the highest authorities of our country to do the Post a leading actor and key player in its economic and social development. The project falls within the framework of the implementation of the strategy of financial inclusion in our country. The platform “EM-Position” is a technological device for the operations of money transfer to all operators of telecommunication, utilities companies, and financiers. It allows customers and users, the beneficiaries of the applications, to perform transactions (deposit, withdrawal, payment, settlement of bills, purchase of chips and prepaid cards) in the middle of a mobile phone dedicated.
In addition, “EM-Position” has a section to promote various economic activities, to highlight their expertise and promote the projects in progress. Also, each actor has a private space that he can edit, customize and update at any time. The platform will also contribute to the reduction of poverty and promote equal opportunities both in the urban and rural areas in terms of access to transactions of money. This tool also enables to propagate the national talents, especially those of the emerging players in our economy. The goal is to cover the entire national territory and to be an essential lever for the social and financial inclusion.
For the CEO of the Post, “EM-Position” will undoubtedly be a great support to the mechanisms of accompaniment and support put in place by the State for the benefit of women, youth, farmers and workers to strengthen their inclusion and their financial empowerment.
It is in this process, to ensure that households and disadvantaged communities, better access to basic socio-economic services and providing income generation opportunities to poor young people, and vulnerable. Ibrahima Haïdara has announced that the current 2019, more than 300 points “EM-Position” will be launched. For his part, the minister of the digital Economy and Communications has assured the government’s support for the platform “EM-Position”, because, he said, it is a laudable initiative that will enhance the ecosystem of our national economy, and position us favourably on the african scene and international. “The president of the Republic, we heard through the roadmap of the government to make the reduction of the digital divide is a reality in Mali. This project of the Post fits perfectly into what we now call the digital integration”, explained the minister, adding that the goal of this political will is to benefit all social strata, rural and disadvantaged of digital tools to enable our country to move towards an innovation successful for years to come.
In order to remain competitive and consolidate its presence throughout the world, Arouna Modibo Touré believes that the Position should adapt to the rapid evolution of the international context and increase their visibility at a national and global scale, leveraging digital tools. It is in a spirit of collaboration original without such a platform, ” GU-Position will be for the benefit of the growth of the postal sector and our national economy, he said.
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