OCP Group and Fraunhofer IMWS sign a partnership agreement for the creation OF a world-class research laboratory in Morocco

  • A partnership agreement was signed between OCP Group and Fraunhofer IMWS for the creation of the Fraunhofer-Mazagan lab, a world-class research center based in the Mazagan Urban Pole (PUMA), dedicated to the development of sustainable solutions – the first of its kind in Morocco.
  • The ecosystem of research and innovation, initiated by Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, is reinforced by this partnership agreement.
  • The objective is to capitalize on the University’s research works and evolve them into applied research and pilot programs, prior to large-scale industrialization.
  • Innovation and sustainable development are priorities for OCP Group.

On Wednesday March 6th in Rabat, a partnership agreement was signed between OCP Group, world leader in the phosphate and derivatives market, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, and the German based Fraunhofer Institute for Microstructure of Materials and Systems IMWS. This agreement follows the Memorandum of Understanding signed in July 2018 between OCP Group and Fraunhofer IMWS with the aim of strengthening their partnership in the development of industrial solutions, by intensifying the strategic cooperation between Fraunhofer IMWS and Mohammed VI Polytechnic University for the creation of the Franhofer Mazagan Lab, a world-class Research Center based at Mazagan Urban Pole (PUMA). Fraunhofer IMWS will support Mazagan’s research laboratory in various research projects on industrial ecosystems and will set up a dedicated team for the Fraunhofer-Mazagan Lab. In addition, this partnership with Fraunhofer IMWS will enable the Mazagan laboratory to benefit from the expertise of all the Fraunhofer network laboratories. The Fraunhofer-Mazagan Lab will capitalize on Mohammed VI Polytechnic University’s research works and evolve them into applied research programs. Mohammed VI Polytechnic University is indeed positioned as a full-fledged player in the field of applied research oriented towards the development of industrial solutions and world-class partnerships. « The ecosystem of Research and Innovation being developed by The Mohammed VI Polytechnic University is strengthened by this first joint Center of Excellence. The Fraunhofer-Mazagan lab aims to develop industrial solutions and innovative circular economy projects for Africa with the support of our partners in Germany » says Mr. Mostafa Terrab, Chairman & CEO of OCP Group.

« We look forward to supporting our partners in Morocco in these innovative activities. During our visit, we discussed various topics that can be tested and explored in the pilot plant. I expect the joint work to start quickly, sparking a long-term and successful cooperation in which we will gain many new insights into the potential of Chemistry 4.0 and, in particular, open up opportunities for plant engineering companies from Germany, » says Prof. Ralf B Wehrspohn, Director of Fraunhofer IMWS. With the Group’s development ambitions and the continent’s industrial emancipation needs, the Fraunhofer-Mazagan lab will have to quickly get up to speed in order to seize the development opportunities of sustainable solutions for the industry in general and the fertilizers industry in particular. The partners entrust the Green Energy Park (GEP) and Fraunhofer IMWS with the task of setting up the first pilot for the production of hydrogen and green ammonia in Africa. This will be the first project of the Fraunhofer-Mazagan Lab.

ABOUT OCP GROUP OCP plays an important role in feeding a growing global population, by providing essential elements for soil fertility and plants growth. With almost a century of experience and revenues reaching US$ 5.95 billion in 2018, OCP Group is a leader in the phosphate rock and the world’s first producer of phosphate-based fertilizers. OCP provides a wide range of well-adapted fertilizer products to enhance soil, increase agricultural yields, and help feeding the planet in a sustainable and affordable way. Thanks to its large-scale integrated industrial development strategy, OCP is present on the entire phosphate value chain and operates on all of its business lines, offering to its 23,000 employees a development path focused on excellence. Headquartered in Morocco, OCP works in a close partnership with more than 160 customers over 5 continents. Committed to best serve the development of Africa, OCP places innovation at the heart of its strategy, in particular to implement sustainable and prosperous agriculture on the continent. As a responsible industrial player, OCP is strongly committed to Africa’s environmental, social and human development. The Group is firmly convinced that leadership and profitability are necessarily synonymous to social responsibility and sustainable development. Its strategic vision resides where these two dimensions meet. For more information, please visit OCP Group’s official site at : www.ocpgroup.ma ABOUT FRAUNHOFER INSTITUTE FOR MICROSTRUCTURE OF MATERIALS AND SYSTEMS IMWS
The greatest challenge facing mankind in the 21st Century is the question of sustainability in all spheres of life, especially in the efficient use of limited raw materials. The Fraunhofer Institute for Microstructure of Materials and Systems IMWS conducts applied research in the field of material efficiency and is a major driving force, innovator and problem solver for the industry and public-service clients in the fields of reliability, safety, service life and functionality of materials used in components and systems. The key competences are to be found in the fields of characterization of materials down to the atomic scale and in material development to the atomic scale and in material development: www.imws.fraunhofer.de ABOUT MOHAMMED VI POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY Mohammed VI Polytechnic University is a hub of education, research, innovation and entrepreneurship, aspiring to become a solid bridge of knowledge between Morocco, Africa and the world. Located in the “Mohammed VI Green City” in Benguerir, near Marrakech, UM6P applies a “learning by doing” approach and develops sound partnerships with world-wide class universities, to promote leadership and training in focused research areas. By contributing to the training of a new generation of Moroccan and African researchers, entrepreneurs and leaders, UM6P is committed to positioning Morocco as a country at the forefront of technology and human Sciences. ABOUT GREEN ENERGY PARK (GEP)

Green Energy Park is an international testing, research and training platform on renewable energy located in Morocco. This platform, developed by the Institute for Research in Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN) with the support of the Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment and the OCP Group with the support of the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), is conducting research on a range of topics relative to sustainable energy production and use. Research covers all steps in the chain, from R & D and basic components to complex systems, in order to meet Moroccan and African needs. Topics particularly relevant to the African continent, such as the treatment and desalination of water using solar energy, the development of desert modules, the design of innovative thermal and electrical storage solutions and the development of industrial applications of solar thermal are at the heart of the Green Energy Park’s concerns.


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