‘No visits for Eid, but you can call’ Signs on UAE Doors


Umm Muhammed Umar


In light of the swift spread of the coronavirus in the United Arab Emirates, authorities have warned against get-togethers this Eid al Fitr. In compliance, some families have put up ‘No Visit on Eid’ signs on their doors and gates. The celebration, which follows the month of Ramadhaan, will take place in the Emirates on Sunday.

Adel Ali, a Syrian citizen said, “Having a sign that says: ‘We do wish to have you, but we are deeply sorry given the current health challenge’ is the best way to remain safe.”

One sign reads: ‘Dear guests; we are sorry for not being able to receive well-wishers on Eid al Fitr for the safety and wellbeing of our family, but you can call, this my phone number…….’

Others have messages such as: ‘Better and safer to enjoy Eid al Fitr home.’

Mustafa Saleh, an Emirati national, said, “Visits from families and friends may have been one of the reasons why there were more Covid-19 patients through(out) Ramadan.”

Mohamed Ibrahim, an Emirati national, said that while sticking signs such as these on doors was a very necessary precautionary measure, he added, “it does not mean we cannot celebrate and enjoy the happy feast”. Ibrahim said, “We can exchange Eid wishes in so many ways, like phone calls, SMS, and social media network.” Another Emirati, Ali Saeed, said that these days communication was no longer an issue. He said, “We can see and talk to each other via several video conference smart apps which are accessible to anyone.”

Meanwhile, Iraqi expat, Aya Hamed, said her mother and two daughters became infected with the coronavirus after she invited staff from a beauty salon into her home. She said she was now not taking any risks. Hamed added, “No visits at all is the only way out.”