Nigeria overtakes Egypt as largest producer of rice


Nigeria has overtaken Africa Director, Africa Rice Center, Benin Republic, Dr. Harold Roy-Macauley has said.

According to Roy-Macauley, Nigeria is now the largest producer at 4 million tons a year.

Egypt was producing 4.3 tonnes annually, but this year has been reduced to 40 percent.

Egypt rice cultivation requires about 1.8 billion meters of water in evaporation, transpiration and irrigation each year.

Africa produces an average of 14.6 million tons of rough rice annually.

He said there were efforts to increase production in Africa, but he said it would not be easy to import as much as he could.

He said that they are looking for safe and sound.

To meet expectations, he is willing to partner with Nigeria and other governments in Africa to train farmers, extension officers and exporters on best practices in cultivation and post-harvest care and to understand market requirements.

Roy- Macauley stressed the African rice value chain needs to be better integrated and able to compete.

He added that the goal to achieving rice self-sufficiency is not only about the farmer, but also about the variety of agricultural practices.


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