Nigeria Elections: NAWOJ hails women, urges more participation


The Vice President of the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ) is the second most popular region in the world, particularly in the region for their greater awareness and participation in elections.

Comrade Chibota Edozie to commemorate this year's International Women's Day, She noted that more women participated in the 2019 general elections than they used to, stressing that vote education and mobilization by NAWOJ and other NGOs helped a lot in that they came out in large number.

On the theme of this year 's International Women' s Day "Balance for Better" she said, "We 're poised to reduce the global gap between men and women in various issues like politics, career opportunity, governance and building of good homes.

She also commented on the Governors' Wives in the South East for their concern about improving the well-being of women in their areas particularly the downtrodden women in the society.
According to her, the wives of Anambra and Ebonyi State Governors, Enugu state governors provided 100 percent medical care for women and children.

Comrade Edozie urged women to take the issue of their health seriously, stressing that breast cancer was more likely to increase their self-esteem.

She also promised that NAWOJ will organize seminars / workshops for women, which will help to galvanize women into the mainstream of politics in the South East and to call upon them.

The Vice-President used the opportunity to express gratitude to the people for voting on the positions of women and men. in the area.


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