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Where is the path .. Jumeirah trail

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Muhammad Al-Mutawa

January 25, 2021

When we hear the word “Champs Elysees”, we know that it is synonymous with the city of Paris, and in the same sense, “Oxford Street” is synonymous with the city of London, and in our Arab world, we can say that “University of Nations” street is synonymous with the city of Cairo, and “Tahlia Street” is synonymous with the Saudi city of Jeddah.

The major global cities are always distinguished by a street that may be the most prominent or the most distinguished in them, as all the services and distinctive facilities that attract tourists are available in this street.

Governments are working to beautify the street with decorations, distinctive lights and roses, and municipal administrations are working to encourage distinctive investment in this vital street, so that it becomes an icon and a destination for those who visit the city.

We are in Dubai, without a doubt, everyone believes that Jumeirah Street may be the best representation of this role for our beautiful city. This street starts from the country’s flag at the Etihad Museum, passing through vital projects such as “La Mer”, “Kite Beach” and “Jumeirah Beach”, including hotels. “Mandarin Oriental” and “Four Seasons”, Al Naseem, and ending with the icon Burj Al Arab.

Jumeirah Street is one of the most important cultural landmarks in Dubai, and it is one of the oldest and elegant neighborhoods in the city, and contains Jumeirah Beach with beautiful turquoise sea and wonderful picturesque sand.

It also has a number of small gardens and green spaces spread on both sides of the road, and it is filled with various types of flowers and distinctive plants.

Jumeirah Street also contains many different commercial centers and famous restaurants, so every corner of the street serves as a personal souvenir shot in the phone gallery for its visitor.

However, this street lacks a strategy to transform into a trade name synonymous with the name Dubai, and therefore we propose to develop a plan to transform this vital street into a center for attracting tourists to Dubai, preferably if we go back to the previously approved plan to convert this street into a one-way street and Al Wasl Street that is equivalent to it in the other direction. To give more space to modify the street, to provide more parking spaces, a wider walkway for tourists and visitors, as well as bike paths and pedestrian bridges.

To you, dear reader, you can imagine Jumeirah Street covered with a beautiful scarf with distinctive restaurants, luxurious hotels, beautiful beaches, sports walkways, and medical clinics. We would like to call the street in the name of the inspiration of the Emirati heritage, let it be “Jumeirah Trail”, while we call Al Wasl Road “Al Wasl Path”

If someone in the farthest reaches of the globe heard the name “Jumeirah Trail”, as if he had heard of “Champs Elysees” in France, or Manhattan in America, and knew of course that it is Dubai.

There was a plan previously approved to add a “tram” by the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai to Jumeirah Street. We hope to reconsider it. We suggest holding festivals and carnivals along the street on various occasions, and organizing beach tournaments on them, with the establishment of permanent stands for the masses to follow the various activities, especially In the “Kite Beach” area.

Undoubtedly, all of this will add important tourist attractions to the Dubai tourism map, and a prominent sign of the quality of life and its style in this dreamy emirate.

Finally, as the author of the theory of the genius of the place, the Egyptian historian Gamal Hamdan said: “No culture without geography … no politics without geography … no history without geography … no urbanization without geography … no economy without geography.”

CEO of Al-Waleed Investment Group

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