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What would happen if there was no Dubai Metro?

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Sami Al Riyami


September 09 2021

On September 9, 2009, 12 years ago today, Dubai launched a vital and distinctive project, which achieved a qualitative leap for the city in the field of transportation and communications. Also, the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and the first fully automated train system, and the longest of its kind in the world, with a network length of 90 km, and linking 53 stations, including the 2020 track.

Dubai Metro has completed 12 years of qualitative achievements in sustainable transport, during which it carried out three million trips and facilitated the lives of millions of people, as it transported 1.7 billion passengers, with an operational efficiency of 99%, and this in itself is a huge achievement, explaining He explains the importance of this project, as it was never an entertainment option, but rather an important strategic decision that has proven its validity and worth.

The beauty of the matter is that the Dubai Metro was not just a successful transportation project, and its benefits cannot be limited to the transportation aspect only, but went beyond that to become a civilized interface for a successful lifestyle in Dubai, and branched out to achieve successes in other sectors, which we thought were not related to the existence of the metro. Where it achieved many economic, social and environmental benefits, and was able to achieve huge structural changes in other economic sectors that contributed to raising and improving the standard of living of many people.

Yes, the “Dubai Metro” did that, and contributed to the increase in the value of real estate in the commercial areas around its stations, at a rate ranging between 20% and 30%, and the economic return of the Emirate of Dubai on every dirham spent in the “Dubai Metro”, 2.5 dirhams in 2020, and will reach 4.3 dirhams in 2030, in addition to raising the percentage of the contribution of mass transportation to the movement of the population from 6% in 2006 to 18.1% in 2019.

The “Dubai Metro” also contributed to improving the living environment of the population, by improving the movement of movement within the city, and in the tourist and economic areas, and contributing to the strengthening of the integrated mass transit system, providing an easy, comfortable and highly efficient method of transportation, in addition to supporting and strengthening the structure of business, trade and tourism. in Dubai, and support the economic base of the Emirate.

Can anyone imagine that the number of passengers who used the metro by the end of December 2020 exceeded the one billion and 620 million passengers?

Does anyone imagine how many cars would walk the streets of Dubai carrying these people if the Dubai Metro did not exist?

The metro has contributed remarkably to alleviating traffic congestion in the axes it serves, and according to the figures of the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai, the congestion relief rates ranged between 15% and 25%, and also contributed to reducing carbon emissions and traffic accidents. Dubai Metro» a successful project par excellence?!


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