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What are the most prominent family activities that can be done in the desert of Dubai?

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Driving a 4×4 in the desert

Drive off in a 4WD vehicle with an experienced driver, pick up some huge sand dunes to start the adventure.

The descent of a 4×4 into the dunes might scare you, or you might find yourself in a 90-degree angle, but don’t worry, the drivers are the most skilled experts in the sport, just try to enjoy it to the max.

The tour begins with a fun trek through the sand dunes before arriving at a Bedouin-style camp, where delicious Arabic food awaits you.

Camel ride

Dubai offers the best experiences in the desert, where the little ones have fun on the back of the camels when you book an exceptional safari.

Take a camel ride, during which you will discover desert plants and animals, such as the Arabian deer and the oryx, in the Dubai Desert Reserve, which is a short drive away.

To learn more about Bedouin life, head to Al Marmoom, and learn about the lifestyle of the desert dwellers.

Adventures full of excitement

If you want a distinct adventure, try sand boarding or on the dunes, and if you want adventures suitable for the family, you can enjoy watching this sport safely.

Teens may prefer to ride quad bikes and ride them on sand dunes.

Adventure lovers can try flying on a hot air balloon, to admire the view of the sand dunes at an altitude of 4000 feet.

pitching tents

Spend a night in the desert, with your family, for an authentic desert experience, as most night tours include a desert banquet and the chance to sleep in a luxury camp.

Visitors are allowed to camp inside a traditional Arabic stone dwelling, complete with bedding, pillows and sleeping bags.

The next day, contemplate the early morning sunrise, before breakfast, delicious coffee and fine cuisine.

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