What are the best logistics services for your business in UAE?


You may see a lot of ads and online advertisements of logistics companies which might confuse you while picking up a cargo company to send your package safely to the destination. The customer always prefers logistics companies in Dubai with the best services provided by it. This article will help you choose the best services provided by different companies and some digital platforms introduced in the logistics industry for your business.

Some Larger Logistics Companies

In most cases, people feel comfortable working or taking the services of traditional companies which are working for years and already have a reputation. Some bigger and reputed companies working for years are DSV, DHL or Kühne & Nagel. Freight forwarders basically manage the shipments of corporates, companies, the courier of individuals from the manufacturers to the distribution point and the same do the logistics companies in Dubai. Some of the advantages of shipping with these giant companies are:

  1. The companies have a global network and they are working for years having a lot of local and global shipping experience.
  2. The experience provides them with strong procurement power.
  3. These companies provide their customers with complete end to end services under one banner.
  4. The companies have a big name and are established companies.

Some drawbacks of these companies, which stops you to think before picking up the logistics companies in Dubai are:

  • Mainly, you can face the high shipping costs due to their big names and they calculate the margins before anything.
  • Being a small company or having small shipments, you might not be prioritized.
  • The customers don’t find any authority on the container and transport calendars, loadings and odds of the shipment. As these companies rely on third-party assets owners.

Digital Logistics Providers

E-commerce has an immense influence on digital freight forwarders and logistics companies in Dubai and we are hoping that these digital giants will convert the logistics world into a digital world in the coming era. We have an entrepreneur and logistics and supply chain professional, Sumit Varma and he has represented a digital logistics provider as: “Any company who uses less manual intervention (on calls/emails) and can automate as much exchange of information on a single transactional cycle from pick up to delivery is a digital solution.”

One finds many challenges in using the digit or online freight forwarders, as until now several shipping companies don’t implement online registration, some are not providing the reasonable cost for a shipment. There is still so much to improvise and new initiatives should be taken to digitize the logistic companies for a well organized and well-equipped shipping method online and many entrepreneurs and logistics companies in Dubai have taken the leadership already.

Different startups are incorporating the digitization of different areas such as online invoicing and the digitization of some parts of the supply chain or the quotations but the dilemma is that no company is covering the services in the whole and sole. If we talk about complete digital logistics, the customer might book the freight online, track the shipment and then manage all the shipments and the dashboard on a few clicks. When the platforms will become completely digital, they will provide low costs and faster information and services due to less human resource and interaction involved. Here is a list of some digital freight forwarders just for the information and if you consider them for your shipment:

  • Flexport: It is a digital freight forwarder and customs broker
  • Freightos: Online freight forwarding marketplace
  • Forto: A supply chain platform
  • Cogoport: An international logistics data-driven marketplace.
  • iContainers: It is also an online freight forwarder

The key difference between digital logistics providers & traditional freight forwarders

These digital freight forwarders are trying to bring transparency to the shipping process through technology in a way to improve the end to end flow. Online booking, alerts, notifications, tracking will allow the customer to keep in touch with the shipment and the customer stays involved. Customized dashboards are now introduced for the ease of bookings and to manage the shipment process. The digital logistics providers along with logistics companies in Dubai are trying to keep the customer involved. Also, some social media platforms are keeping people updated through articles and blogs.

We are observing a peak in the digital business as concerned about the logistics companies in Dubai and other parts of the globe. The industry is working hard to make the risk plans and to make the supply chain strong. If the digital freight forwarders come strong in the logistics market, then the traditional logistics companies will definitely lag behind and won’t be able to compete, unless they update themselves and digitize.


If you now want to compete for the world, regardless of your domain, just go digital. For now and some years in future, we might deal with the traditional freight forwarders in the industry but when soon digital logistics will make its roots strong, it will emerge as a powerful entity and the traditional shipping companies will lag behind. They have to digitize to stay in the marketplace.