Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Wellness Real Estate gains momentum following COVID-19 as Vincitore Realty builds the region’s first wellness property in Dubai

Vincitore Realty is redefining real estate, healthy living and wellness with the development of the Dh375 million Vincitore Benessere project, that will change homes and lives – giving people a way for a happy, healthy, and enjoyable lifestyle.


  1. COVID-19 pandemic, which has
    created an awareness amongst real estate buyers on improved air quality,
    wellness, high-quality and sustainability, could potentially wipe out US$82
    trillion from global economy in 5 years;
  1. The wellness economy is a colossal global industry, estimated by the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) to be a $4.5 trillion market and representing roughly 5.3 percent of global economic output in 2017;
  2. Wellness real estate is projected to be a market of $197 billion by 2022 due to massive demand for wellness-oriented homes in the post-pandemic era;
  3. Vincitore Benessere is the first wellness property to be built in the Gulf, that will change the way people live, work and retreat;
  4. Wellness and happiness are at the crux of Dubai’s vision 2040, to make Dubai the happiest place for residents on earth. 
  5. There are over 740 wellness lifestyle real estate and community developments built, partially built, or in development around the world, across 34 countries — and this number is growing every day

Dubai. UAE

COVID-19 pandemic could potentially cost the global economy a whopping US$82 trillion
over the next five years according to the World Economic Forum, thereby
shifting the global focus onto the wellbeing and wellness of people. Property buyers worldwide are seeking homes where they can live a
higher quality of life, that guarantees all round wellness for themselves and
their families.

“While lost value of $82 trillion is the worst-case scenario, the
centre’s consensus projection was a loss of some $26.8 trillion, or 5.3 percent,
of global GDP in the coming five years,” a World Economic Forum report said.

This is on top of the trillions of dollars lost in global equity and
more than US$4 trillion lost in tourism sector worldwide due to the pandemic.

Wellness is a US$4.5 trillion colossal global industry,
estimated by the Global Wellness Institute (GWI). The last hundred years have brought great advances in engineering,
sanitation, building safety and city planning. Science and technologies have
enabled us to control infectious diseases and bring ever greater levels of comfort,
conveniences, entertainment and telecommunications into our homes.

a leading authority on wellness worldwide, believes that residential real
estate is the next frontier that will be radically transformed by the wellness
movement. As the world recovers from the deadly pandemic, property
developers, home owners and future
property buyers have started to look at Wellness Real Estate and homes that are
equipped with wellness amenities and
features that can take care of their residents in the best- and worst-case
scenarios, and offer them a better quality of life.

It is against this backdrop
that Vincitore Realty, one of
Dubai’s finest branded-boutique real estate, is continuing its advanced stage
construction works on its newest project Vincitore Benessere – a wellness
cluster that will create a safe haven for its residents and owners when delivered
in Q2 2023.

Wellness real estate developer, Mr. Vir Doshi, Director of
Vincitore Realty, and an ambassador from Dubai for the Global Wellness
says, “As real estate developers, we build spaces where
people spend 80 percent of their
life, hence, we believe it’s our responsibility to ensure that the demand for health and wellness is incorporated in every
aspect of their life from physical wellness, mental wellness, emotional
wellbeing, spiritual wellness,
work-life balance and more.

“When we design landmarks, we combine wellness
with modern technology to provide our residents
with spaces, amenities, and wellness features they need to live healthier,
happier, and longer lives.

With a development value exceeding Dh375 million, Vincitore Benessere, Dubai’s 1st
ever Wellness Residential Landmark
will host 380
branded residences ranging from
Studios to 3-Bedroom luxury apartments – all fitted with the best-in-class facilities and amenities suited for those seeking the ultimate
integration of wellness and luxury lifestyle.

The project will be the first to include over 100,000 sq. ft. of
luxurious wellness amenities in a seamless leisure deck, ranging from an Island
gym, a lagoon pool,   room, meditation room, a Zen garden, a
botanical garden, aromatherapy, a business lounge, soft jogging track, an
all-sports terrain, and many more facilities that encompass holistic wellbeing.

Benessere has been designed as a completely unique development that
encompasses   and supports major aspects
of human wellness through extensive research, design and execution of
fundamental principles of wellness in Real estate like never before. 

Given the unique
opportunity in the Wellness Real Estate sector, Vincitore Benessere is the first-ever wellness residential landmark in the UAE ready to
rewrite the course of luxury real estate with wellness, in the golden city of

The city has been a hub of innovations in real estate for the world,
and this landmark
serves as a testament to the same.
It is a perfect solution in the post-pandemic world for a new age
dweller who aspires for a luxury home
without missing the wellness
quotient. This project aligns with
the initiative of the Dubai 2040 vision, to set new benchmarks in the city of
Dubai by offering citizens the guarantee of a better quality of life.

The project is located in Arjan, next to Miracle Gardens with the
magnificent views of the floral display
at the Miracle Garden. The development of Vincitore Benessere more than doubles
the developer’s real estate portfolio
value to Dh730 million (US$200 million), including the Dh135 million Vincitore Palacio and Dh230 million Vincitore Boulevard.

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