Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Webinar outlines why Dubai is ‘gateway to the world’

08 September 2021

Dubai is the gateway of the Middle East to north Africa and South Asia.

And a virtual even hosted by Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce will outline why international investors and businesses of all sizes benefit from its location,  innovative mentality and ease of doing business.

The event, hosted by the Chamber’s International Business Hub, takes place on Wednesday15th September (10am to 11am).

This event is geared towards exporters, investors, startups, all sectors and company sizes.

You will hear about available opportunities for UK companies to expand internationally through Dubai.

The Government of Dubai is collaborating with the private sector (TCG) to assist UK companies from A to Z into market entry.  

The Corporate Group (TCG) and its subsidiaries advise, invest and partner with organisations to successfully grow and operate within the UAE and the region.

Dubai FDI office of the Department of Economic Development (DED), Government of Dubai, provides guidance, support and hands-on help for foreign investors looking to build a successful business in Dubai.

For more information and to book a place click here.

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