Friday, October 22, 2021

Watch “Expo 2020 Dubai” in a 360-degree angle from “Al Thuraya Park”

 Al Thuraya Park at Expo 2020 Dubai gives its visitors a 360-degree panoramic view of the details and aesthetics of the World Exhibition. .

 At night, “Al Thuraya Garden” gives its visitors an exceptional experience of discovering the thousands of twinkling lights of the exhibition’s attractions, and an exceptional opportunity to jump on this moving circular plate, to capture the wonderful horizon.

 The tower contains two interconnected compartments that move up and down enabling visitors to enter the lower compartment from the lower level and the upper compartment from the ground.

The tower is located in Jubilee Park, which includes a selection of food outlets, art installations, the Jubilee Grand Theater and the Expo Falls.

Al Thuraya Garden Tower consists of two floors, a lower floor covered with glass and air conditioning and an open upper floor that visitors can access from the basement stairs.

The top floor of the tower is decorated with yellow flame bushes adapted to the hot UAE climate, mimicking a familiar scene of Dubai’s beautiful gardens and streets.

At a time when the moving “garden” step is devoted, the idea of ​​the event bets on the principle of sustainability, the promotion of natural solutions, and the human commitment to nature, for which Expo wins and makes it a permanent slogan.

The movable rooftop was designed by London-based Pakistani architect Asif Khan, who also stands behind the Expo’s three grand entrance gates, which were built using lightweight carbon fibres.


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