Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Union Coop’s “Back to School” promotion is back! ! ! – Dubai Blog

Union Coop, the largest consumer cooperative in the UAE, launched its annual “Back to School” promotion, which coincides with the beginning of the new school season as it has been allocated 20 million dirhams Started election campaign August 8 to August 18, 2021, Discounts up to 65% over 20,000 products, As part of Union Coop’s initiatives for its consumers throughout the year in a variety of activities.

In detail, Mr. Majiruddin Khan, Director of Union Coop’s Trade Department, confirmed that Union Coop has set up a community initiative in its annual goal to please consumers, meet their requirements, and provide them with high quality at a competitive price. In addition, in accordance with the country’s socio-economic goals, it supports and serves all social groups of all classes, and further pointed out that the annual “Back to School” event shows that Union Coop is committed to strengthening and developing customer shopping in Dubai. Experience of all branches in various regions.

He pointed out that this year’s back-to-school event is very special because it provides students with innovative products that keep pace with the requirements of the education process imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, including 20,000 products that are vital to students. Continuously improve the level of choices Union Coop provides to consumers, especially students, teachers and schools.

He continued: The event will be launched in all 23 Union Coop branches in various regions of the Emirate of Dubai from August 8 to August 18, 2021. It coincides with the return of students to school and includes a discount of up to 65%, noting Union Coop allocated 20 million dirhams to the event to benefit everyone, especially the parents of students, and in the interests of consumers in general.

He added that Union Coop enjoys excellent economic status and reputation at a high level because it is fully committed to adopting innovative ways to expand its business, initiatives and promotional activities in line with its growth and expansion strategy, and pointed out its offers Continue, whether it is at the level of annual, seasonal, monthly or regular weekly activities, and pointed out that Union Coop will also provide back-to-school discounts through the Union Coop smart online store as part of its policy to make consumers happy .

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