Thursday, September 23, 2021

UAE aesthetics clinic to receive remittance in cryptocurrency

UAE aesthetics clinic to receive remittance in cryptocurrency. Idoneus, a blockchain-based luxury asset ecosystem, announced a strategic agreement with Skin111 Clinic, which will allow consumers to pay for their tailored medical and wellness services in IDON Tokens.

Idoneus - UAE aesthetics clinic - cryptocurrency - techxmediaIdoneus - UAE aesthetics clinic - cryptocurrency - techxmedia

The IDON Token is a digital payment token – also known as cryptocurrency – that is commonly used to purchase, sell, rent, and otherwise experience luxury assets, goods, and services available on the Idoneus Platform, as well as from anybody or any firm that accepts IDON as a method of payment. 

The relationship with Skin111 Clinic, according to an Idoneus spokeswoman, indicates cryptocurrency’s growing acceptability in the region, thanks to its value addition, unrivalled security, and secrecy.

 “Idoneus is delighted to be partnering with Skin111 Clinic – a first-of-its-kind partnership that will provide its customers with an opportunity to pay for medical service using our IDON Tokens. The Idoneus Platform will offer Skin111 Clinic clients a secure and efficient blockchain platform to make purchases at a fraction of the costs of traditional finance,” said Blaise Carroz, Vice President, Global Acquisitions, Idoneus. 

Dr. Shahram Nabili, CEO of Skin111 Clinic, stated that the relationship with Idoneus will considerably improve the company’s customer experience.

 “Our historic partnership with Idoneus is in line with our strategy to boost our digital payment options by offering all our clients an opportunity to pay using the IDON Token. We identified the IDON Token as our preferred cryptocurrency partner that will give our customers peace of mind when using our digital payment option.” 

Skin111 Clinic specialises in bespoke in well-being, anti-aging, dermatology, and general medicine, and offers IV Vitamin Drips, Glutathione Detox Drips, Oxygen therapy, Laser Hair Removal, Skin Laser Treatments, and Aesthetics Dermatology, and was ranked among Dubai’s top 6 at the Pro Beauty Awards GCC in March 2021. MEA markets UAE business awards named Skin111 Clinic The Best IV Provider in the UAE in June 2021.

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