UAE..a liter of petrol is over 4 dirhams from today

  • “Super Petrol” 4.15 dirhams
  • “Private 95” 4.03 dirham
  • «E Plus» 3.96 dirham
  • Diesel 4.14 dirham

Abu Dhabi: Adnan Najm

The UAE Fuel Price Monitoring Committee has approved the prices of fuel and its derivatives and petrol and its derivatives, which will be used during the month of June 2022, from Wednesday.

The fuel registered a new price cap with a noticeable increase; The increase in the price of a liter of petrol varied between 48 and 49 fils, which exceeded 4 dirhams, while the price of a liter of diesel increased by 6 fils.

The price of a liter of premium petrol (Super 98) was 4.15 dirhams in June compared to 3.66 dirhams in May in May.

The price of a liter of diesel rises to 4.14 dirhams in June against 4.08 dirhams in May.