Thursday, September 23, 2021

Tourism: Zanzibar thinks it’s Dubai with the tallest skyscraper in sub-Saharan Africa

At the crossroads of Africa, Arabia and India, Marco Polo made it one of his stops.

He describes it thus:

“A noble and large island, which has a circumference of about two thousand miles.”

The people are all idolaters, have their own language and pay no tribute to anyone.

They are so big that they look like giants ”.

Seven centuries later, when the island is often considered an ideal 2-3 day break after a safari in Tanzania, the authorities have just given the green light to the construction of a giant 70-story tower.

The “Zanzibar Domino” will house 560 apartments, luxury hotels, a golf course, a wedding chapel, high-end shops … All on an artificial island 15 kilometers from Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. UNESCO.

The tower will also be surrounded by a marina for yachts and cruise ships and will be connected to Zanzibar by a bridge several kilometers long.

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“The project looks like an icon that everyone can remember”

An ambitious project which aims ”

to attract more local and foreign investors to the islands

” according to Mudrik Ramadhan Soraga, Minister of State for Labor, Economy and Investment of Zanzibar. And so to compete with the largest buildings in Africa, namely the Iconic Tower, emblematic tower, skyscraper of the new administrative capital of Egypt currently under construction and whose 80 floors should be completed in 2022, or even the tallest building on the continent today, the Leonardo, 55 floors, in Sandton, a suburb of Johannesburg (South Africa). All this, with the aim of giving a boost – or rather a whip – to the tourism sector hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic.


he project looks like an icon that everyone can remember. All he needed was a visionary investor and a suitable site to make it a reality

”, describes Jean-Paul Cassia, director of the design office xCassia, in charge of the“ architectural gesture ”, which makes his dream come true:“

Sketched for the first time in Paris in 2009 after my late father, my two sons and I played a game of dominoes, I had dreamed of building this project for over a decade


A tower that divides between fascinations and critics at a time of global warming and rising waters. And whose total amount of work will amount to more than 3,000 billion Tanzanian shillings (nearly 1.1 billion euros), or more than 60% of the archipelago’s annual budget for 2021-2022. All the same.

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