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Tokyo Olympics: UAE businessman provides Indian hockey star Sreejesh with a cash prize of 10 million rupees-News

UAE-based businessman Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil announced a cash prize of 10 million rupees (nearly 500,000 dirhams) for Indian hockey star PR Sreejesh. He played a key role in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in India and ended on Sunday. Won the bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

The Keralite goalkeeper made a series of amazing saves against Germany, helping India win the Olympic hockey medal 41 years later.

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) is one of the people who praised Sri Jesh for his outstanding performance throughout the game, even in the last few seconds, winning a historic feat for India.

Dr. Shamsheer, Chairman and Managing Director of VPS Healthcare, praised this achievement. He said: “Through his outstanding performance in the Olympics, Sreejesh has brought joy to Indians all over the world. As a fellow Malaya, I am He is extremely proud of his achievements. Thanks to his efforts, people’s interest in hockey has rekindled. His performance, and the performance of the entire Indian hockey team, will inspire hundreds of young people in the country.”

When Dr. Shamsheer called Sreejesh himself, he was pleasantly surprised.

“Dr. Shamsheer congratulated the entire team on this great achievement and provided us with support. The announcement of the 10 million rupees award surprised me. Winning a medal at the Olympics is a pleasant news, and I am lucky to be an award winner. ,” Sreejesh said.

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Sreejesh returned to India today after a successful election in Tokyo. He will receive a cash prize at a special event in Kochi.

Dr. Shamsheer added: “This cash award is our thanks to Sreejesh for his hard work over the years. His excellent performance in this Olympics will be cherished by people in the coming years. I believe he will become the next state in the state. The source of inspiration for a generation of athletes.”


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