Thursday, September 23, 2021

The result of the match between Spain and Ivory Coast today in the Tokyo Olympics

Miyagi Stadium will host a strong match between Spain and Ivory Coast, on Saturday morning, July 31, in the quarter-finals of the Olympic Football Tournament.

The match ended in favor of the Olympic team of Spain, by qualifying for the semi-finals after the victory over Ivory Coast by five goals, after resorting to the extra games of the match.

The start of the Spanish national team was not accepted by its fans, after it tied with Egypt negatively, but rose up in the second round and defeated Australia with a goal without a response, to return and draw against Argentina with a goal for each and tops the standings of Group C with 5 points to reach this role successfully.

The Spanish matador today has no room for mistakes, especially since this battle is not divided by two, so it will be more focused in front of the stubborn opponent in order to achieve victory and continue the path in the Olympics, hoping to win a medal that adds in the history of this distinguished young generation.

On the other hand, Ivory Coast was unlike the opponent, as it appeared in a distinctive way against Saudi Arabia at the beginning and won with two goals to one, and then tied against Brazil in a negative way, and then with Germany with a goal each, to gain 5 points that put it in second place on the table of the standings of Group D.

The Ivory Coast team, which is also star-studded as the opponent, finished its preparations for this match with a high concentration.

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