Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The Panda Week of the China Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo opens. Internet celebrity panda robots “sprouting” Expo Park

  The giant panda is China’s national treasure and the common darling of the people of the world.

On October 4, local time, the Giant Panda Week in the China Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo officially opened, and the China Giant Panda Conservation Theme Exhibition was also unveiled in the pavilion. What kind of surprises did the China Pavilion prepare for visitors this time?

Take a look with a reporter from China Central Radio and Television.

  The popular Internet celebrity panda robot “Youyou” rarely walked out of the China Pavilion and met the audience in the square outside the pavilion. It was a Tai Chi and a heart-beating performance. The cute appearance caused the tourists to take out their mobile phones. Take pictures and videos.

  The staff dressed as pandas also joined the interactive team and prepared surprises for everyone. The tourists who received the gifts were very happy.

  The reporter learned at the scene that the China Pavilion will give out 2020 panda toys this week to express their blessings to the 2020 Dubai World Expo.

  The exhibition uses the first person to tell the mental journey of the giant pandas’ “tongtong” wild release, showing the achievements of China’s ecological protection for decades.

  Popular science knowledge such as “tree climbers”, “solitary bamboo hermits”, and “vegetarian carnivores” allows visitors to experience the cuteness of Chinese giant pandas and gain a deeper understanding of giant pandas.

  Fang Ke, deputy director of the China Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo, told reporters that the panda, a cultural element with Chinese characteristics, was combined with some technological innovations through a series of exhibition items, leaving a very deep impression on the visitors.

  The immersive VR interactive experience is an innovation of this theme exhibition, allowing visitors to experience the panda’s naive attitude.

  The innocent smiling faces of children are the best reward for the exhibition organizers.

In order to satisfy more tourists’ curiosity about China’s national treasures, the China Giant Panda Conservation and Research Center will also hold a live broadcast once a month during the World Expo to “visit giant panda cubs”, “aged giant pandas”, and “returned giant pandas”. The growth of giant pandas will be broadcast live on different themes, and the breeder will also answer questions from the audience.

  Reporter丨Jiang Haoyu

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