Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The oldest volunteer “Expo 2020 Dubai” at the age of 79: I am part of this good land


The experience of the 79-year-old Indian Mahabirsinghal at Expo 2020 Dubai is a shining example of the human ability to give, and the desire to work and do more.

Singhal, a retired financial manager from DP World, is the largest volunteer at the Dubai Expo.

Singhal revealed his enthusiasm to participate in the volunteer team and his great pride to be part of the success of this event that Dubai fascinates the whole world.

Singhal stressed, “He considers himself part of this good land, which he sees as a home for him and his family, after spending 45 years in it, praising his willingness to serve it and dedicate his loyalty to it and its people through the gateway to volunteering.

The largest Expo 2020 volunteer drew his interest in the experience of participating in this event, which he considered a golden opportunity to meet people and learn about the diverse cultures experiences that the exhibition will attract, guide visitors and help them discover the surprises of the event. While “Singal” revealed his readiness for any work assigned to him at the Expo site, stressing that he assumed several responsibilities throughout his retirement and maintained his physical fitness to be at the level of the event, as an old “golf” player and walks from 4 to 6 kilometers per day.

The culture of volunteering for the sake of society has always taken an important and avant-garde position in the vision of the UAE and has been supported and embraced until it became an integral part of the culture of its people and even its residents, given the great role of this culture in sustainable development and in leading a better future for generations.

 The event, the largest in the world of its kind, provides a program called “Expo for Volunteers”, which is a valuable opportunity to acquire new skills and live unforgettable moments.About 30,000 people in the UAE, including university students, employees, housewives, retirees and people of determination, have participated.

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