Monday, September 20, 2021

Soil moisture sensors and smart sprinklers recommended to save water in Dubai

Responsible use of essential resources like food, water and power is the key to a sustainable future in the Middle Eastern desert, and the Emirates has turned to smart solutions for achieving efficiency. With an aim of being years ahead of other Emirati cities when it comes to tech transition, Dubai has encouraged its local bodies to adopt sophisticated digital innovations for enhanced public services.

But apart from integrating online transactions, cloud services and AI into the infrastructure, authorities are also prompting residents to play their part by monitoring consumption. Known for installing smart meters and establishing the world’s largest solar park, Dubai’s electricity and water department is now asking residents to use smart tech for irrigation sans wastage.

The local body has reached out to Dubai’s future-ready households, with a list of recommendations about systems that can avoid excess use of water for gardens. For a start, people can rely on automated adjustments for sprinklers, so that plants get the liquids when they need them the most.

Homeowners can then move ahead to embed sensors for measuring moisture in the soil, in order to make sure only required amount of water is diverted towards the backyard. Small measures like lining up ligh sprinklers for use in the evening, can make a significant impact in reducing overall usage.

As for power consumption, DEWA has followed up its advise for using LED bulbs, with recommendations for timers as well as dimmers, so that unnecessary lighting is avoided. Smart detectors have also been showcased by the organisation, as a way to automatically switch off outdoor lights during day time.

Previously the Dubai electricity and power authority had advised residents to use solutions that track unusual water usage and flag possible leakages, to boost water conservation. It has also released a digital handbook that contains tips and tricks for efficient usage, while selling its own devices that assist smart homes.

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