Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Sierra Leone Brewery Limited 30cl Can Drinks Now Available for Consumption Nationwide

By Amin Kef Sesay

The country’s premier manufacturer of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, the Sierra Leone Brewery Limited (SLBL) has recently introduced 30cl can drinks in the market, which according to our reporters has been warmly embraced by the numerous customers who buy the company’s products. Although this is not the first time of manufacturing canned beverages, however, it should be noted that previously the company was only producing 50cl long cup cans.

Interestingly, the new cans could be referred to as very portable and the drink within the can does not get hot easily and fresh till the last sip.

As a caring company that cherishes its numerous customers countrywide and even beyond, SLBL deemed it fit that considering the price of the 50cl long cup cans, which some could not afford and the need to offer consumers their choice, the company decided to produce some of its beverages in short cans.

From what this medium learnt, considering the fluctuating economic times, SLBL believes a 30cl can is expected to reduce the transactional price for consumers, offering an opportunity to consumers to buy their favorite brands at better prices.

Besides, it is the firm conviction of Management that the 30cl cans provide ease and convenience while consumers enjoy every drop fresh till the last sip.

Another major aim of the launch is to create diversification in can size format in order to appeal to different target groups and to meet the needs of consumers by creating the right and impactful communications in media channels (TV, Radio, print & digital).

With the introduction of the new cans it is believed that new consumers will be brought on board and as well tap into successful occasions.

Moreover, it will make it possible for SLBL to promote Winning in Off-trade via Supermarkets, grocery and Mini markets with special emphasis being placed on “On-the-go consumption”.

For now 30cl cans are now available in all leading stores, bars, restaurants and other entertainment points.

The Sierra Leone Brewery Limited (SLBL) produces beverages like Star Lager Beer, Salone Beer, Mutzig Premium Lager beer, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, Maltina and Trenk Dark Malt Energy drinks etc.

The company continues to do so assiduously and vibrantly maintain its operations in full gear, on a regular basis, with its cardinal objective of availing its numerous and esteemed customers, both within and out of the country with their favourite and cherished drinks.

It could be recalled that the SLBL has been playing a key role in maintaining sanitation in its operational area and even beyond since its establishment.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) the Sierra Leone Brewery has done much for Wellington, where its factory is located in, by developing the community and its surroundings including Peacock Farm. Such interventions has added immense value to the lives of  residents in those areas, especially women and children.

The SLBL has provided safe drinking water in certain communities and encourages women’s participation in agriculture and other economic activities that have been the main thrust of their livelihood over the years. This is to ensure that the SLBL helps the people they serve through small scale enterprises.

The company, with the objective of maximizing production, embarked on both human and capital resources development in order to continue its dominance in the market and meeting the needs of its customers. Now, it is boasting of increased fermentation tanks; an upgraded waste water treatment plant, mash filter equipment and cooling plants that enable it to produce qualitative and safe beverages that are of high standards.

In addition to the many noble things done by the SLBL for the people of Sierra Leone, the company is ensuring that farmers who grow sorghum in the provinces are technically and financially empowered through trainings and inputs. These sorghum farmers, who are over 25,000 in number, are steadily supplying Brewery with raw materials or ingredients used by the company in manufacturing some of their products. The effect is that it makes farmers financially independent.

In terms of being tax compliance, the Sierra Leone Brewery Limited is a leader that defines the true meaning of taxation. The SLBL pays enormous taxes to the Government through the National Revenue Authority which in turn Government uses to fund development projects in different parts of the country.

Albert Ojo Collier is the Corporate Affairs Manager at SLBL. He disclosed to this press that in the last three years they have invested over 278 billion Leones as part of their expansion project to meet international standards and the growing demands of customers.

He made this disclosure during a recent press tour conducted at the SLBL head office, Wellington Industrial Estate, East of Freetown.

During the tour, Mr. Collier said ‘in order to upgrade our Brew House, we recently overhauled our packaging bottling line costing 3.5 billion Leones. Since 1962, we pride ourselves with that rich heritage tied to the history of the country, with a vision of growing with Sierra Leone to further improve the efficiency of our bottling operations and to ensure our service to our revered customers and consumers.’

In a related development, the company’s popular brands: Star Beer, Salone Beer, King Leone Beer, Guinness Stout, Maltina, Mutzig etc. continue to see high business returns in the market according to trade reports.

The importance of ‘Made in Sierra Leone’ products was emphasized by Albert Ojo Collier as a major milestone in enhancing the Local Content Policy. “As a responsible company that is taking the satisfaction of our numerous customers a priority, we have invested a lot to ensure that we expand and in the process create job opportunities in line with the Local Content Policy,” Mr. Collier noted.

The implementation of the Local Content Policy has empowered 25, 000 local farmers, producing Sorghum used to produce beer and stout. According to Mr. Collier, this contributes to employment and revenue collection as it puts money into the pockets of ordinary people.

Indirectly, there are tens of thousands of Sierra Leoneans employed today as transporters, wholesalers and retailers. Consumers today maintain that SLBL products are up to international standards and are affordable more than the imported varieties.

As it continues to invest in and increase its production line, SLBL’s can drinks becoming viral, planning well for the festive season as well as through other interventions the company is meaningfully contributing to the socio-economic development of the nation in different fronts and to crown it all serving as an entity worthy of emulation.

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