Sharjah announces re-opening of nurseries on Sunday


SHARJAH, (Pakistan Point News – 23rd Mar, 2021) The local Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Team (ECDMT) in Sharjah in cooperation with the Sharjah Private education Authority (SPEA), announced the re-opening of all the government and private nurseries from next Sunday, March 28, after conducting several inspection and monitoring visits, to ensure compliance with the precautionary measures and procedures, resuming operations in line with safety measures while welcoming all the children.

The authority announced safety guidelines to which the government and private nurseries across the emirate must adhere to reopen, conducting several inspection visits to ensure the commitment of all concerned authorities.

Commenting on this, Dr. Muhadditha AlHashimi, Chairperson of SPEA, affirmed the authority’s keenness to ensure the health and safety of all the workers in the educational field, including students, functional cadres, and parents, stressing the importance of educational stability and shedding light on the significant importance of the decision.

She stressed the need to change the educational approach in line with the health conditions due to COVID-19, emphasising the need to adhere to preventive and precautionary measures to ensure everyone’s safety.

The authority had conducted several inspections of all private and government schools and nurseries, to ensure that they apply all the protocols and precautionary measures in this regard.