Serviced Offices in Dubai are Getting Popular and for Good Reason


If you’re a globetrotter and/or on a job that keeps you on the go from one part of the world to another, setting up a dedicated office space becomes an impractical thing to do. But, regardless of how much traction remote working has gained recently – especially in the wake of Covid-19 – the importance of the physical presence of a business cannot be understated. In a city like Dubai that has gained the status of the global business and tourist hub, a physical office in a prime location becomes all the more important.

“If you got an office space in a business center in Dubai, no matter how tiny, you’re one of the lucky ones as getting hold of a good commercial property for rent in Dubai is only getting tougher as the years go by”, said by Mr. Muhammad, an operation manager from Star Business Centre Dubai. Having a physical presence in an area of high footfall of potential clients, and in the midst of successful businesses of other domains, gives you the edge within your industry. “While you’re closer to your potential customers, you also have a lot to learn from your neighbors – it’s an opportunity for which all progressive and forward-looking businesses vie for good office space in a business center in Dubai.

Trending today are also serviced offices in Dubai which give businesses a chance to plug-and-play their operations without much hassle or major infrastructure investment. Serviced offices come furnished and with all amenities, you’ll need in your work including workstations, printers, internet connections, heating and cooling, storage solutions, and more. They also offer support staff to meet your everyday needs and leave you at complete ease to focus on your business and get the best out of it. You don’t have to take care of the upkeep or repairs; everything is managed to keep you facilitated.

Serviced offices in Dubai are suitable for small businesses that comprise smaller workforces and tend to switch locations more frequently. But, they’re not necessarily a preference for small-scale businesses; even bigger businesses today find it convenient to operate from a serviced office that delivers the right solution for their everyday operational needs at affordable costs. The freedom from the hassles of day-to-day workings of the business and the possibility to place a higher focus on productivity makes serviced office spaces in Dubai a preference for many entrepreneurs.

Some of the key benefits of serviced offices in Dubai include Flexible, short-term leases, affordable costs, no downtimes, access to all necessary facilities, and access to new potential markets. These are fully-equipped, pay-as-you-use office spaces that are managed by an operator. From single serviced offices to entire floors and buildings, serviced offices are usually available on flexible terms. These office spaces have no long leases or hidden costs and come with no maintenance of facility costs. You also get to save on the costs of furnishing and equipment installation.

Also known as executive offices, managed offices, or business centers, serviced offices can accommodate the smallest to largest of teams by configuring spaces; adjoining offices are combined when it comes to accommodating a larger number of employees. As global businesses look for more agile ways of running everyday operations, managed office spaces are fast becoming an important part of a growing global shift. If you too are looking to reduce your overheads and everyday operational expenses by balancing flexibility and stability, serviced offices in Dubai are the answer.

These managed office spaces can be rented by the hour, day, or month. They provide basic infrastructure, facilities, and administrative support you need to run your business efficiently and reach higher levels of productivity as your core focus shifts from handling the administrative functions to growing your business and explore new avenues.

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