Monday, October 18, 2021

“Salama” .. a Ghaf tree that lived the story of the construction of “Expo 2020 Dubai”


The majestic Ghaf tree leads the way to the land of “Expo 2020 Dubai”.

It is “Salama”, which has stood the test of time, to remain lofty at the exhibition site, after it was preserved and protected from the impact of the construction and development work of the exhibition, in appreciation of its great importance and symbolism related to the UAE’s past, legacy and civilization, and then its future-looking present, which it embodies This is the largest global event “Expo 2020 Dubai” and beyond.

It is not difficult to find Salama on the site of the event, as it looks out to everyone and monitors the place, from its high position overlooking the exhibition grounds.

But if you are looking forward to visiting this top-of-the-view tree on your way to Expo 2020 Dubai, be sure that you can just stand for a while and take a quick souvenir photo of it.

The Ghaf tree “Salama” is one of the icons of “Expo 2020 Dubai” and some of the most important symbols of this huge global event that attracts visitors from all over the world, given the evident presence of this tree in the history of the UAE over the years.

 The Ghaf tree also has a story to tell, considering its privacy, permanence, and resilience (it can live up to 120 years on average), to be a symbol of peace and stability.

It was declared in 2008, the national tree of the UAE.

At the time, the exhibition is proud to allocate a street to it on the site, which it called “Al Ghaf Street” in which these wonderful natural structures are lined up, to provide shade for visitors to the event.

An experiment that, in turn, influenced the design of the ENOC petrol station at the Expo 2020 site, which bears the name “Future Service Station”, which was inspired by the shade tree.

The event launched a short thriller film that tells the story of “Salama”, the veil of peace and tolerance, and its connection to the history of the UAE’s land since ancient times.

The Ghafa “Salamah” has become a station that receives transients and travelers, as it was a forum that brings people together and brings them closer and embodies the finest meanings of communication and the values ​​of dialogue and tolerance.


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