Monday, October 25, 2021

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You can bring some drinks over (1/5)
那你帶一些飲料過來好了(一) A: The ball game is being broadcast live tonight. Would you like to come over to watch it?
B: Fantastic! We haven’t subscribed to the sports channel. You’re a lifesaver! How ever can I repay you?
A: You can bring some drinks over. We have some snacks at home.
B: What would you like to drink? Juice, soda, tea, coffee, hand-shaken drinks or something stronger?
A: Wow, they all sound great! Can I have them all?
A: 今天晚上球賽有直播,你要不要來我家看轉播?
B: 太好了!我家電視沒有體育台,謝謝你的救命之恩!我該怎麼報答你才好呢?
A: 那你帶一些飲料過來好了。我家有一些零嘴可以配著吃。
B: 那你想喝什麼飲料?果汁,汽水,茶,咖啡,手搖飲料,還是要來點酒?
A: 哇,聽起來都很棒耶!我可以都要嗎?
(Translated by Paul Cooper, Taipei Times ∕台北時報林俐凱)
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