Wednesday, September 22, 2021

PepsiCo unwraps sustainability with smart snack counters & eco-friendly packaging at Dubai Expo

Countries moving forward with their digital transition and innovative minds with futuristic ideas are converging towards the emerging tech hub Dubai for Expo 2020. The event which marks one of the biggest exhibitions featuring smart solutions in the post-lockdown era, is also an attraction for major brands across industries, to put their sophisticated solutions under the spotlight.

Firms associated with food supply, including Talabat, have rolled out robotic ice cream vendors and self driving delivery trucks at the venue, where beverages are also being served by AI. To get into the flow with its own set of futurristic offerings in the food and drinks sector, PepsiCo has also introduced AI-powered snack bars along with eco-friendly services.

Facing criticism over being the cause of plastic pollution for decades, the cola giant has finally dished out a line of munchies, which are packaged in plant-based, biodegradable material. The timing for displaying this sustainable invention is just right, since the Middle East is now home to firms which are making plastic substitutes from food waste, and even recycling trash to make apparel.

Another initiative that could help turn the tide against bottles infesting the oceans, is the Aquafina station for refilling reusable tumblers handed out to visitors. Just by flashing a QR code at the installation, users can personalise the water as per their preference, with sparkling as well as flavoured variants on offer.

Apart from letting people choose the level of fizz and temperature of water for unlimited refills, the system also displays how much plastic waste is being avoided at 30 such stations.

Moving towards smart living solutions for public use, the company tapped into virtual reality for presenting its AI-managed snack bar. This system allows consumers to just walk in, make digital payments and grab a bite from the facility, without any human intervention, for contactless service.

Tailor-made for the new normal, the space that can accomodate four people at once, in line with social distancing, can also process refunds via AI.

Image: Shutterstock

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