Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Peña Architecture & Engineering Corporation Announces Lead Architect, Developer, and Visionary, Manuel Peña, Traveling to Dubai for Major Project Development Talks

AVENTURA, Fla., Jan. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Peña Architecture & Engineering Corporation (PAE – https://paecorporation.com/) announced that founder and President Manuel Peña would be traveling to Dubai to help facilitate a series of major upcoming project developments for the company. PAE is a boutique architectural firm known for designs that exemplify both excellence and elegance in their style and execution. Led by the young but ambitious designer, PAE plans to introduce the company’s architectural vision of simple luxury – paired with energy efficient utility – to the thriving architectural wonderland of Dubai.  

“Beauty and luxury, merged with simplicity and functionality – that’s a signature design aesthetic for us,” said Peña. “But what exactly does that mean? Well, it can a mean a lot of different approaches and theories. But some of our clients express a desire to live as nearly off-the-grid as they can, or they wish to lower their energy and carbon footprints in other significant ways. And sometimes they’re hesitant to ask for these designs because there’s a lingering notion out there that energy-efficient can’t be beautiful. And that’s just not true. Art and design are absolutely linked; beauty can be part of any design. An architect’s job is to first envision the completed project – whether it’s an addition, a brand-new home, or an entire office complex – and then find a way to get to the end goal in a way that incorporates both the client’s desires, and a sense of artistic style. Dubai is a great place to see this in action all the time because the city is very welcoming to new architectural design approaches.”

PAE: Completed Projects

PAE has already finished multiple successful projects in the Florida region, including a medical office in Miramar; commercial warehouse renovations, condominiums, and a car wash in North Miami; Oxford Courts in North Miami; Plaza Maria Condominium in Miami; and landscaping and residential homes in Miami Beach. Some other featured projects include:

  • Lockfield Home: An off-the-grid project that presented an opportunity for PAE to combat dirty electricity, utilizing the power of light in innovative ways: solar panels, skylights, and thermal concrete walls. The overall structure traps heat to power the house, while the construction used a majority of non-toxic materials as well.
  • Hooper Home: A renovation project, the Hooper home is a restored farmhouse that also utilizes all green construction materials. With a sleek, modern interior, Hooper features an underground tank that is used to store rain water to help reduce water costs. Solar panels on the barn also help with land maintenance and total energy costs.
  • State College Annex: A state-of-the-art, fully LEED compliant science annex to a local state college. The annex has walls constructed of earthen bricks made on site, and a greenhouse that uses energy-saving features like Low-E windows. Low-E windows add efficiency to any building project by combining solar energy control and thermal insulation at the same time – both reducing heating/cooling costs and serving as a green energy solution that is affordable and accessible to all.

For more information on upcoming company events, or future plans related to the latest design projects, follow PAE on social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

About Peña Architecture & Engineering Corporation (PAE)

Peña Architecture & Engineering Corporation is a team of highly experienced and talented professionals who are dedicated to providing excellence in both design and planning services for construction development projects across the globe. Working with a wide range of successful businesses and entrepreneurs, PAE specializes in providing landscape, single-family, multi-family, and custom homes, as well as commercial, industrial, and mixed-use developments. Combining simplicity and luxury, PAE creates personal spaces that are challenging yet engaging; with color, texture, and light as proportions that come together to express the heart of each project’s vision. Learn more at: www.PAECorporation.com.

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