PayBy app is now on Abu Dhabi Pay to facilitate contactless payment


The Abu Dhabi government services ecosystem, TAMM, has added PayBy to facilitate contactless payment for government services through its strategic partner First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB). The partnership between innovative FinTech company PayBy and TAMM will simplify digital payment mechanisms for customers in Abu Dhabi. TAMM aims to consolidate Abu Dhabi government services into a more efficient and easier-to-navigate experience that provides end-to-end journeys on one platform.

With this new addition on the Abu Dhabi Pay platform, residents and citizens can use PayBy when completing digital government services transactions through TAMM, the integrated Abu Dhabi government services platform.

Dr Ahmed Khaled Al Hashimi, Director, Digital Literacy Department, Abu Dhabi Digital Authority, said: “The addition of PayBy to the Abu Dhabi Pay platform is a significant step forward to achieving our main goal, which is to ensure that all government services and transactions are available to all residents and citizens, digitally, easily and conveniently. We are achieving this through continuous co-operation and co-ordination with government entities and private sector organisations to implement modern digital technologies and solutions through multiple platforms. Abu Dhabi Pay provides greater convenience for everyone throughout the emirate.”

Dr Ahmed added: “Digital Transformation in Abu Dhabi is accelerating on a daily basis, and cashless payments are an integral part of our strategy for the future. Having PayBy on board adds another level of accessibility and comfort for users. The partnership between PayBy and ADDA, facilitated by FAB, not only delivers more contactless payment methods for all sections of society, using newest technologies across multiple platforms, it also supports the digital agenda of the Abu Dhabi government.”

Ramana Kumar, EVP and Head of Payments and Digital Banking, PBG, FAB, said: “The UAE’s proactive preventive measures during the pandemic, including early detection and implementing social distancing protocols, served to protect the community’s health and safety. The FAB-facilitated partnership between ADDA and PayBy is another step that offers additional value to our customers, while advancing national goals of public health and financial inclusion.”

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